Doe, Fawn, and “K” stories voting reminder and stuff

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So . . . Doe and Fawn . . . we’ve had a doe and fan hanging around the yard last week. We saw them a number of times and I was lucky to see them out my office window.

Unfortunately, I’m shooting with them in the shade and through a window and screen. Still, with a little manipulation, the photos are passable.

The photos can be seen full-size in the SmugMug Gallery HERE.<<<This is a link You can also click on the individual photos for a larger version in a new tab or window. Again, the originals are very noisy and so are the processed photos.

The doe noticed me opening the blinds, so she kept an eye on the window.

. . . the fawn was oblivious . . .

He’s a cutie, he is . . .

This next shot is right before they headed across the road (I was too late going out, and missed a photo without the screen) . . .

But, the reason I waited to head outside was because I shot this video . . .

I’ll pull a few stills from it and see if they are any good.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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