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Before I get into this post, let me clear up some things that might confuse people new to the ‘verse. In the ‘verse, Serenity is a popular name. What makes it popular is a tad annoying to newcomers . . . it is the name of the Firefly Class ship the Big Damn Heroes fly around in, and it is the name of the Firefly series pilot the idiots at Fox did not air until the series was cancelled, and it is the name of the Universal Studios 2005 movie.

In these posts we’ve been talking about Serenity the ship.

So far we’ve seen two related products aimed at giving the interested fan more comprehensive understanding of Firefly’s 10th character.

There is no question both those products do a good job of aiding our three-dimensional visualization of Serenitybut the icing on the cake are the Architectural Cutaway Set:

“The cutaways are presented on four extra-large, 32″ x 24″ full-color lithographs, suitable for framing or just drooling over hour after hour. The hand-painted cutaways are packed with literally thousands of never-before-seen elements of the Firefly-class transport’s design.”

Forward Cutaway
Forward Cutaway

You can click on the photo for a larger view. The details are exquisite and extensive . . . 

firefly stuff,

. . . with everything numbered and referenced in the legend. This time you see a better representation of Kaylee’s dress, along with her parasols. You also see Vera (by the way, you can see how one fan built one using a 3-D printer HERE), Zoe’s holster (it carries her Mare’s Leg), and one of Wash’s shirts. The one I don’t get is why Mal has a plant in his room.

firefly stuff,

By the way, the circular stitched leather thing you see in the frame is one of four lead weights I still own and use . . . they are relics from 1978, when I started working at Cadillac Motor Company, and one of my first assignments was as a detailer in the drafting room. The weights were used to hold down paper and vellum drawings in the pre-CAD days. Now they hold down architectural drawings of spaceships.

Anyway, there is a PDF documenting the process of generating these drawings, and it can be found HERE. It is downloadable and printable, although it’s only 8.5×11 inches.

The description on the site continues with:

“In addition to all the technical detail exposed in these 3-D cutaways, every inch of Serenity is decorated with the possessions of her crew. You’ll find hundreds of personal effects throughout the ship – from Jayne’s Vera to Inara’s favorite incense holder – it’s all here, in meticulously hand-painted detail.”

This can be seen in the above closeup of the crew’s quarters, and here’s the Aft Cutaway view, with a closeup of the Galley/Lounge.

firefly stuff,

firefly stuff,

firefly stuff,

Again, you can click on the photos for larger versions (not the legends; they are large enough to read as is).

The other two sheets have Inara’s shuttle and the flying mule.

I have a lot of links in this post, and most people will ignore them, and because of that, I am going to add yet more links. I mentioned Kaylee’s dress and parasol (go to 1min 11sec mark). . . 

. . . and my favorite music (from ‘Out of Gas’ – go to 1min 55sec mark)

. . . and another fan favorite (from the show Castle): 

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