Reading is fundamental

I read. Often. I also write. I also have a vague notion of eventually calling myself a published author.

Mind you, there are a lot of obstacles in my way. One of them is literacy — as in lack thereof. Unsurprisingly, there’s a relationship between the number of people who are literate and the number of people who read books.

I came across a sad video.

That’s a seven-minute video. I went and looked for the original. Here it is:

Here’s the thing with the second video. I doubt many people will watch it. It’s 17 minutes. It’s funny, it’s informative, it’s depressing, but none of that matters . . . it’s 17 minutes long. Way, way, way longer than most people’s attention span.

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It’s Getting Real

Note: this post is approximately 1,250 words with a 9th Grade readability index. Click HERE for complete statistics.

It may not seem like it, but I’ve mostly abstained from posting opinion pieces . . .

Because they are emotionally draining.

Because issues are more complicated than what you read or hear or see, and discussing them get’s messy.

Because I don’t even for a moment think my input will sway anyone’s opinion.

Because the majority of readers are uninterested in my opinion. Especially, opinions they might find challenging.

In real life, I don’t converse with anyone about any of the stuff that’s happening. Some friend might occasionally ask for my opinion, but the amount of time we spend on it is minuscule. Instead, what I like doing — what I enjoy — is reflecting on stuff. I’ve not named this practice, but if it were to demand a name, I’d call it having private thinking parties.

When I write a piece, it’s mostly to put my own thoughts in order.

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Sunday with my thoughts – it seems a no-brainer

This is only 1,200 words. Why, even some Australians should manage to stick around to the end of it. 

As I mentioned before, photos appearing on Sunday with my thoughts are gathered and presented in THIS SmugMug Gallery. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, you can also click on the photos for a larger version or check out the gallery at the end of the post. This is another one of those where I post an original and then variations of the same, one or maybe more. Except for the above; that’s a straggler from another post.

It’s Sunday, so no exercising today. I’m still sweating, though, but with two fans on me, it’s somewhat under control. FYI, I find snacking is a good way to counter sweating.

Readers might have noticed that I’ve left my opinion posts slide a bit. Oh, sure, I’ve dropped comments here and there, but it’s been a while since I’ve had a dedicated post about “things.”

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A day of stuff

I like the word “stuff” . . . it offers an easy out when I can’t come up with a title for a post. It also sports a nonchalantness that speaks to confidence and aloofness while at the same time connects with the ordinariness of life, especially when referencing July 28th, a well known ordinary day. 

They call those “helmet urchins” and sometimes “shingle urchins” and they’re found at the boundary formed by immovable rocks clashing with dynamic oceans. These guys know something about holding on for dear life as powerful waves assault the shores of this island. 

. . . er . . . actually — at least on this side of the island — waves have been mighty scarce. We’re now on our sixth or seventh week without significant waves. No waves, no surfers . . . it’s been a long spell — a powerful long time — since I last snapped a photo of a surfer. Every day, the water sports a slight chop but is — for the most part — surprisingly calm. 

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Deep Dream Generator — The Big Dump

My original plan was to showcase groups of my Deep Dreams over a number of blog posts . . . that was Plan A. 

It turns out that Hawaiʻi is twenty-intercontinental-missile-minutes away from North Korea. By some estimates, we’d have roughly eight minutes “to prepare” . . .

There’s a mad scramble on the islands as people search for vintage school desks. Frankly, even as in good a shape as we are, I don’t think we would fit under one of those. 

All of this was precipitated by our intellectually, ethically, and morally challenged Supreme Leader calling out what more and more appears no more than the mirror image of himself a half a world away. The similarities are uncanny; both “leaders” exhibit obvious shortcomings in the reasoning department and both have followers who refuse to see them for the dangerous buffoons that they are. The only difference appears to be Sean Hannity advises only one of these nutsos. Score one for our side.

Anyway, because of this latest development, I decided to dump all my current Deep Dreams efforts in this one post and hope to go live before the end of the world. Because who wouldn’t want these as the last thing they see as we go up in a fireball?

Note: I get that not everyone likes these. Please understand that I cater to a number of different readers. Some like my fiction, some like my photos, some like my rants (mighty few of those), and some like the eclectic nature of this blog and the erratic way it wanders from one thing to another. If this is not your cup of tea (or coffee, or tomato juice), HERE’s one of my marathon posts that will keep you occupied for a good long while.  

Let me start with this . . . 

That is one of my favorites and it involves the blending of a lion from the Cheyenne Zoo with a shot of the dawn in San Leon, Texas. 

By the way, all of these are blendings of two photos and I’m exclusively using my photos. That’s the case for all of the ones below, but that wasn’t the case for some of the earlier ones as I used their styles when I was learning about the tool and its options. 

I did create a SmugMug Gallery that has all my efforts to date (good and bad). Just click HERE.

OK, then, back to all the previously unpublished Deep Dreams.

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Deep Dream Generator — the “meh” files

I’ve been playing with Deep Dream Generator and while I like most of what I get, there’s a learning curve of sorts that one has to negotiate. Sometimes, you head off into the weeds. 

“What do you mean?” you ask. 

Well, here’s an example . . . 

I meant well and I wanted to use some of the photos from the fabric shop but in this case, it didn’t work out so well.

This next used a buffalo and a cityscape. 

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Protected: I should have left well enough alone

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