Hey! . . . do I still write fiction?

Some — not many — might have noticed a serious derth of new fiction writing on my part.

Whenever I’ve not written for a while I need a kick-start to get my inner writer up off his butt. The way I normally do that is to read as much of my stuff as I can untill the desire to write overwhelms my desire to do other stuff.

That’s what I’ve been doing this past few weeks and it’s working . . . sort of. I read some of what I’ve written and wonder where that clever writer has gone.

For instance (slightly edited from the original to fix a few things):

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A rainy day in June

It rained today . . . so I took a few photos.

I wasn’t stupid enough to be out in the rain . . . or carefree enough to be out in the rain. All of these were shot from a dry location.

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Panama Canal Cruise 2019 — Second Day

Edited to add: this appears to be an early draft of THIS post which posted on January 13, 2019. I have no idea why it came up as a post today. Still, it published so I’m leaving it here.

The second day on a cruise is one of familiarizing oneself with all the locations where one can find food, coffee, and bathrooms.

Lucky for us, the Coral is the same ship we crossed with last year in Alaska so all those questions are already answered.

So, instead, we don’t a fair amount of time relaxing knowing that food, drinks, and bathrooms are never that far away.

The evening meal consisted of . . .

. . . well, I show the sunset because I forgot to take a photo of my meal.

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Nikon D7500 Video Tests and Samsung Note 8 Super-slow Motion Test

So, I’ve been trying out the D7500’s video capabilities using the 70-300mm kit lens. Not too bad, I would venture to say. 

First, a random photo from a previous post . . . 

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Haines – Alaska Cruise 2017 – Part 1

Note: this is a long post. If you just want the photos, go to the bottom and check out the gallery sans the witty, incisive, profound, and irreverent banter.

This is the first post documenting our September 12, 2017, visit to Haines, Alaska, a long-delayed continuation of my documentation of our 2017 Alaska Cruise. Previous posts relating to this  cruise can be found HERE.

There’s a gallery at the end of this first post and a SmugMug gallery HERE. Photos in SmugMug can be viewed full-size. Note that the SmugMug gallery will contain all the photos from Haines; those from this post (Part 1) will be in there when the post goes live and those of the next post(s) (Part(s) 2(3,4,n+1)) I’ll add as those posts go live.

You can click on the photos in the body of the post to see a larger-but-less-than-full-size-version. If there’s a panorama, I’ll link the full-size files but be warned . . . they’re typically huge. Huger than people have ever seen before. Don’t click on those links unless you’re enjoying a biggly Interweb connection. Also, if you have biggly Interweb but you’re reading this on a phone — which is sad; VERY SAD — I wouldn’t bother with the full-size photos because they are HUGE; huger than anyone else’s huge photos. 

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Thursday’s haul

People may have noticed I’ve not posted many phone photos lately. Sort of understandable, what with the new camera and all. But it doesn’t mean I’ve not snapped any photos. In May alone there are 387 photos and videos I could share.

Perhaps one day I will, but for now, a few photos and a video I took today.

I’ll begin with the video, for a change . . . 

These are in a window of an insurance office in downtown Benton. 

A few seem to have stopped working, but the rest easily pick up the slack. 

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Almost Wordless Tuesday

Almost every day I spend time sitting outside, on the patio, camera on hand and a coffee by my side, hoping to capture something interesting. This post is about boring photos from my patio.

OK, one photo is from a quick drive we took . . .

The rest are all from our patio . . . wait, let me check . . . nope; I thought there might have been one more from somewhere else, but that’s not the case. 

Most of these are shot with the 70-300mm lens at full zoom. All of these are lightly processed and cropped in Lightroom from the JPG files that are saved with the RAW files. Meaning, but for some minor tweaks, they are about what you get out of the camera. The camera is the D7500 . . . almost makes me want to rethink shooting RAW, but I’ll probably still do it. 

OK, enough words . . . here’s the gallery of a bunch of photos from the last five days or so.

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