Happy Mother’s Day – 2016

I had plans for a more extensive post . . . but plans are often based on an optimistic evaluation of conditions. Reality makes short work of them.

BUT . . . I had a backup plan. Here’s the link to my flower folder in SmugMug:

There are a lot of galleries in there, all with flower photos. 

If you, dear reader, are a mother who likes flowers, or even if you just like flowers, here are some samples:

2014 Hummingbirds, flowers, spiders,

June 2015 Flowers

June 2015 Flowers

June 13, 2015 flowers

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Parrot Tulips May 2015

There are so many things to do . . . tonight, I was screening. That is, repairing screens. 

Earlier, I was shooting things. That is, photographing them for listings.

Earlier still, I was in the gutter. That is, the rain gutter.

Finally, I’m packing. That is, carrying a gun. But, also stuffing boxes. 

Above all, I apologize to blogs I’ve been neglecting. I’ve read a few posts but missed others. I see notices of new posts and I have all the good intentions to stop by. Sometimes I do, but often I’m in the middle of something and the opportunity passes. 

Just another month or so, I promise. Meanwhile, Parrot Tulips.

I snapped three photos. Each was processed in three different ways besides my normal processing. Click on photos for the larger version.

This is my normal processing:


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Back home . . . still busy

Back home after our whirlwind trip to Illinois. As I sit here, I’m still “feeling” as if I’m driving along the many miles we’ve traveled since Tuesday. 

This is Illinois . . . 

20160427_094531-01_DIGI 20160427_125533-01_DIGI

Yes, Illinois was wet. In fact, it rained nearly every day we traveled. 

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Still Not On A Real Computer

Perhaps tomorrow night I’ll have my laptop out and connected. For now, still on this crappy and cumbersome app.

Until then, it’s not practical for me to visit the blogs I follow since I have a low data plan. Also, I hate surfing on the phone. As much as I like this phone’s relatively large screen for reviewing and editing photos, it does not suit my needs for surfing the net.
Before I go on, another version of one of yesterday’s photos:


And, another . . .


. . . and another . . .


I get that a lot of younger users love surfing on their phones and that many sites accommodate said users by formatting their material for small screens . . . but that is exactly what turns me from using the phone to surf. Go figure. Continue reading

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Be traveling today

As much as we like being on the road, the one negative is a lack of proper internet connections. Also, not sleeping in our own bed. And, not having full access to foods we (me) are used to. Also, crappy coffee.

So, really, there are four things. Plus, being around more people. Especially, people in other cars. So, five things.

BUT . . . it also means my few entertainment options include playing with a few apps on my phone and leveraging their power to have my way with photos I’ve snapped these last few years and which have been patiently waiting for me to do them justice.

Photos like this one . . .


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Quicker Than Quick Update and Cruisers XIX – The Details Part X

Quicker Than Quick Update

Holy triple crap on a jumbo size cracker . . . we survived our first of two moving sales. We did really well and already we can’t remember the majority of what we sold.

In the process, we met a lot of nice people. We also had a lot of requests for advance notice when we will have our next sale (in May). Also, lots of stuff was sold that was not yet offered at this sale (people who walked into the house to look at something and ended up calling dibs on stuff that will be for sale before we move). 

One of the benefits of what we are doing is that we’re not paying much attention to the news. Just as well since . . . 

November election

I mentioned that we met lots of nice people . . . except for two. Two people, a husband and wife, were immediately odious to me. Just based on their comportment, and before I heard them make disparaging comments both about the stuff we had and the people shopping there, I immediately disliked them. 

I can’t stand snobs and especially snobs that are also assholes (a surprising amount of crossover and overlap in the two categories). I so wanted to ask them to leave, but if I would have spoken to them, I would have engaged my other almost limitless talent . . . the one that is the complete opposite of charming. Funny thing, without me having to say anything, later that evening Melisa remarked how nice the people were . . . except for this one couple. Great minds think alike. 

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Even Quicker Update and Cruisers XVIII – The Details Part IX

Even Quicker Update

Holy double crap on an extra large cracker . . . my feet are dead. We rolled up our garage door at 7:30 a.m. — a full 30min before the start of our moving sale — and people were already waiting outside.

I had to ask them to give us a few minutes to move the stuff out so that they could walk around the garage. From then until 4:00pm, we had a constant stream of people come by . . . er . . . buy . . . er . . . by and buy. 

We. Moved. A. Lot. Of. Stuff.

We. Have. A. Lot. Of. Stuff. Left. 

We. Have. Too. Much. Stuff.

For 8 hours straight. I was on my feet wielding my considerable charm. I like to think said charm was, in no small part, a contributor to what was a great first day of getting rid of stuff. 

What? Yes, I got charm! What, are you kidding me! I had both guys and gals swoon to my humor, personable and friendly demeanor, and seemingly amazing personality.

Mind you, I normally keep my charm all bottled up behind a sour and dour visage designed to dissuade people from approaching or even nodding at me. 

But, when I open the floodgates . . . boy, oh boy, does the charm flow!

A quick humor graphic . . . 

cage free

. . . and then on to cruisers details.

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