Sunday with my thoughts . . . on Wednesday

Yes, I’m reviving a favorite series of mine. Can you guess why it’s favorite? Because it’s a vehicle for expressing my opinion. Is anyone asking for my opinion? No. Quite the opposite, in fact. These posts are some of my least viewed . . . it’s what makes them fun to write; there’s absolutely no pressure to excel, offering a bar I can easily hit every time.

Carved ship2_DIGI

Yes, I’m including random photos. That’s for the many viewers who care not for my words and come here for the photos. Click on the photos to open a larger version in a new window or tab. I’m also starting a gallery appropriately called Sunday With My Thoughts. Therein will be contained all the photos from this and future SWMTs.

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Hawai’i – The Coconut Lie

It all started with Monthy Python and the Holy Grail

No, wait . . . the lie predates the movie. Every man-on-a-deserted-island cartoon I ever saw drew coconuts that looked like this:

Photo from Wikipedia

Well, not exactly like that . . . they drew them whole, but still looking like this, with the familiar bowling-ball-like indentations.

Photo from Wikipedia

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Painting, the easy way

Here’s a cartoon I’ve used before . . . 


The painter could at least take comfort in the fact that photos don’t look like paintings. 

In this post, I aim to show how a few of the photos from the last post can be made into painting-like offerings. Well, I’m not showing how; I’m just showing the end result. 

The actual process involves the layered use of Topaz’s Impression 2 Plugin. By layered, I mean I run a photo through the plugin and then take the results and run them again and then layer the two files, blending them into something new and then running the result through the plugin, and so on.

I could use the canned Van Gogh filter, or the Cezanne, or Renoir, or the various watercolor, crayons, pencil, oils, and other filters. But, that’s just duplicating what someone has already done. I aim to go beyond. 

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Hawai’i – the first flower photos, Nikon edition

THIS post introduced my readers to the flowers at Casa de Emdeko. Those shots were taken and processed on my now ancient Samsung Note II (I think they just released Note 7, although they might have skipped a few numbers).

1280x 1280 nikon flowers collage

I now present the photos taken with my Nikon rig. Sharp readers will note that flowers are not the only subjects in the upcoming photos. That’s because I download, and subsequently process, photographs sorted by date rather than by shooting session or subjects.  And, as it happened during most of the days of our stay at Casa, I photographed things I saw from our balcony. The flower photos had me walking around inside the grounds. 

By the way, the SmugMug Gallery associated with this post is HERE. Go there to see the photos at full resolution. You can also click on the individual photos to open up a larger version in a new tab or window.

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Kona Life – From The Balcony

We arrived in Kona at 8:15pm on June 16th. By the time we got the luggage, got the car, drove to the rented condo, lugged all our stuff up, all we could do was crash . . . it had been a long day. The nex day was partially documented in THIS post.

Those first few days, weeks, even, I did not use my big rig much because I knew it would be a while before I would be able to process and share the photos. 

Hawaii Nikon Photos

The time has come and it is now. The photos in this post are all from our second full day in Kona and all of these were snapped from the balcony of the rental at Casa de Emdeko. There aren’t that many photos in this first batch but I’m sharing them with a bit of commentary about Hawai’i life. 

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Leaving the Mainland – Joshua Tree NP

This is the last post documenting our escape from the mainland (Colorado) via a convoluted route to San Diego. As a reminder, here be the map of our travels. 

Monument to San DiegoI’ve documented our visits to Hoover Dam and the Giant Sequoias, and I now turn my camera’s eye to Joshua Trees National Park, not to be confused with The Joshua Tree.

I’m not sure what I expected — aside seeing Joshua Trees — but it was pretty much what I imagined.

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Hawai’i – Kaelakeula Bay and Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau

This is another long post . . . feel free to just peruse the photos, skim, or totally ignore . . . as if you, dear readers, need my permission. 

Here’s a quick preview of some of the 70 photos. Yes, you read right; 70 photos.

1280x 1280 collage

As usual, you can click on any photo to see a version roughly twice in size as what is shown here (it will open in a new window). Also as usual, click HERE to visit the corresponding SmugMug gallery.

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