Project 313 – Post No. 244

Today I’m linking to a trestle . . . HERE.

Actually, the post is about doing HDR. I like it, but some might find it boring and repetitive. The post, not the HDR. 

And now, the photo:

That’s one bright teapot . . . unfortunately, it had other flaws that made it practically worthless. I think we might have donated it, but it could have been sold. 

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Project 313 – Post No. 243

Since I posted a few winter photos recently, I figure I would do a few more. THIS one is of a 2012 winter storm in Monument, CO.

For them who crave the SmugMug experience, HERE you go. 

And now, the photo:

Project 313 243

Yup! I think I will like this series . . . all the way until I get tired of it. 

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More JWildFire Graphics – Black and White Version

Most people who bothered to comment seemed to like the color versions of the following JWildFire Graphics. That post is HERE.

This will be an ultra-short post . . . a few words and a gallery.

WAIT! . . . I spoke too soon. First, a couple of the original JWildFire renderings in B&W . . .

Roswell Alien’s Spinal Chords

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Project 313 – Post No. 242

As I’m writing this, snow is predicted across the South in places that seldom see even an inch of snow . . . they’re gonna get a few more than that. THIS post (and THIS associated SmugMug Gallery) will help them prepare.

. . . lucky ducks! . . . 

And now, the photo:

Project 313 242

We had quite the collection of teapots and teacups with saucers . . . and creamers and sugar bowls and other stuff. It was fun to photograph all of the pieces. 

What I mean to say is this: I have a crapload of photos I could use. More than the projected life of this project. 

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Well, hello there!

Every so often, I Google myself. 

It’s nothing to do with vanity; it’s a good way to monitor if anyone is using your name (identity) and to ensure all the accounts you have are still under your control. 

Well, one of the listings that came up had me curious . . . so I clicked on THIS link. 

Well, hello there! I know you!

Alaska Cruise 2012

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Project 313 – Post No. 241

One of my readers must have seen THIS post in the suggestions WP offers up at the bottom of each post and reminded me just how good the D7000 can be. A nod also to DxO as a great processor of RAW files. 

That being an early post of mine (2013) the SmugMug gallery is annotated so, for them so inclined, if you just prefer the photos on their own with just a bit of writing, an alternative to the above link is THIS link to the SmugMug gallery. The horse photos are worth looking at full resolution, but that’s just MNSHO.

And now, the photo:

Project 313 241

Those pieces have a certain “bedchamber pot” look but they are — in fact — a small sugar bowl and a cream container for fancy teas.

I thought that particular look went very well with the subject matter. 

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More JWildFire Graphics – Color Version

Back in September, I played around with the JWildFire Mini app. Well, I finished playing around some more. 

Edited to add: new Disperser Tracks feature! Whenever I edit a post I’ll show the edits I made by crossing out the old words and color-coding the new words. Part of my commitment to transparency aimed at showing I’m not always perfect.

Each of the The designs below was  were all rendered in 12 to 15 minutes worth of computation (on the Samsung Note 8). In case anyone wants to try the app, be aware that it’s CPU intensive and the phone gets quite warm. That timeframe is about as long as I want to run the app and I let the phone cool between renderings.

Also, all of these photos were processed through various apps; Lightroom, Nik Collection, and Topaz Studio (and associated plugins). 

Blushing Cthulhu

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