Random flow of words

There’s a new way to write that I’m not familiar with yet. That’s right . . . I have a new keyboard. The new keyboard is slightly different from the older one, primarily in the fact that the keys are not backlit.

I should note that this post is one of them letting-the-mind-roam-free posts; basically, I have no purpose other than to get used to my new keyboard, and the best way to do that is to use it. Read this warning to mean “this could be boring” . . . I’ll throw in a few random photos to keep readers from nodding off, but really, unless you’re a fan of my rambling thoughts, you can stop reading right here. 

Anyway, I do like keyboard keys that are backlit because I’m not a touch typist and I look at the keyboard when I type and I do a fair amount of typing at night when the only illumination is from the desk lamp and my 30″ screen.

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I’m busy, honest!

To some, it may look like I’m slacking off in my posting. Well, I’m here to tell you that once you retire, you’ll find time just slips through your fingers. Whereas I used to be able to do a lot when I was working forty hours a week — fifty, if you count travel times — I now don’t seem to have the time to do basic stuff like personal hygiene, taking out the garbage, and doing laundry. Thank goodness for disposable wipes, the woods behind and below our condo unit, and cheap clothes. 

I often envy animals living out in the wild . . . you just sit out in the rain to wash your durable fur and you can just drop your poo where ever you want. Some even choose to sling it. If they ever evolve, they’ll probably be politicians. 

Florida 2013, Animal Kingdom,

That happens to be one of my submissions to Monochrome Madness, as is this next shot . . . 

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Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness 195 — Street Art or Graffiti

Leanne Cole does a weekly Monochrome Madness post consisting of all B&W photos submitted by users each week. It’s not a contest, but a place for photographers to show their B&W work; anyone can submit photos and it’s also a good place for seeing what can be done when it comes to B&W. 

At the beginning of each month, the submissions are supposed to follow a theme and for next week — Monochrome Madness No. 195 — the theme is Street Art or Graffiti. Now, since I don’t typically photograph graffiti (I seldom see any that are interesting) I’m going with my own interpretation of Street Art. I’m interpreting it as Murals. 

Contestant No. 1

Now, while technically a mural, that’s more of a sign for a store, but it is a mural, albeit not a very inspiring one.  This next one is perhaps more within the spirit of street art since it’s in an alley behind some stores on Aliʻi Drive. 

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Book Review – Closure: Jack Randall #1 by Randall Wood

This is my third book review and it’s a murder mystery tale. Well, I don’t know what it is, exactly. Perhaps it’s mystery-suspense but it does have murders in it. The main hero is an FBI agent and the plot is pretty good as is the writing. 

I had previously said I would go in reverse order to my reading, but some of these books end up blending into each other and I don’t remember exactly the order that I read them. 

Also, I’ve had two not-so-flattering reviews and figured I should do a review of a book I liked and that kept me interested. 

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The waves visited for a few days – Part 3: the long videos

As promised, the rest of the wave videos, the longer ones. 

Please note: I suggest starting the videos below with the volume set on low. Waves and wind are pretty loud as are the occasional planes flying overhead.

One correction I need to make . . . in THIS post I said I didn’t have photos from my visit to the Magic Sands Beach. Well, that’s not true. I had forgotten to unload the D7000 memory card from that day. Now, since this will be mostly videos — and longer ones, at that — I’ll only post a few teaser photos.  

The rest — including the associated animations I put together — will be in the next waves post. 

These photos will not be added to the SmugMug gallery until they are presented in their own post along with all the other photos. 

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More On Framing Photos

As the title says, it’s about frames. The whole thing started when I saw THIS POST. And then I saw THIS POST. If you happen to click on either of those, you notice that the photo is “framed” by itself. 

After exchanging a few comments with the author, I tried a few things and explained the process in THIS post. 

But, what I really wanted was to do wood frames. The opportunity came up to go to an art center and take a few photos of Koa wood pieces. I’ll do a short post about that soon, but meanwhile, I took this photo . . . 

Then, I took this photo . . . 

. . . and I wanted to see if I could use the method described in the post about framing to put a nice wood frame around the photo.

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The waves visited for a few days – Part 2

I’m in a bit of a quandary about how to do this. I have videos and I have photos and I have a fair amount of both. 

The day was January 14th and the place is Wawaloli Beach Park. Melisa and I call it “the Energy Lab” because that’s the exit you take to get there. 

On this particular day, the surf was up, so I loaded up with the D7000 with the 70-200mm f/2.8 lens, the Nikon P900 mounted on a sturdy tripod with a video head for ease of panning, and my Samsung Note 8. 

I took photos and videos, some at regular speed and some in slow-motion. For two sets of photos, I combined them into animations.

Please note: I suggest starting the videos below with the volume set on low. Waves and wind are pretty loud.

I guess what I’m trying to say is . . . I gots me a lot of stuff to share. That means at least one more post after this one. Maybe, two.  

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