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It’s Getting Real

Note: this post is approximately 1,250 words with a 9th Grade readability index. Click HERE for complete statistics. It may not seem like it, but I’ve mostly abstained from posting opinion pieces . . . Because they are emotionally draining. … Continue reading

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Sunday with my thoughts – it seems a no-brainer

This is only 1,200 words. Why, even some Australians should manage to stick around to the end of it.  As I mentioned before, photos appearing on Sunday with my thoughts are gathered and presented in THIS SmugMug Gallery. At the risk … Continue reading

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A day of stuff

I like the word “stuff” . . . it offers an easy out when I can’t come up with a title for a post. It also sports a nonchalantness that speaks to confidence and aloofness while at the same time … Continue reading

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Just a quick post . . .

. . . so I can share more Deep Dream efforts. For instance . . .  I also want to share a few observations. For instance . . .  I read a lot of stuff like this. Apparently, many habits … Continue reading

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It Takes A Village . . .

. . . to facilitate hate, marginalize, oppress, and in general, make other people’s lives difficult if not unbearable. I don’t have to be a member of any one group to do most things. I mean, yes, unless I’m a … Continue reading

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Lazy Sunday

One of the reasons you can tell that it’s a lazy Sunday is that the titular post goes live on Monday. Oh, well . . . whatcha gonna do.  Notice: photos of spiders later in this post.  FYI, as usual, click … Continue reading

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Pascal’s Wager and other stuff

If one is an atheist . . . wait, I need to back up. I need to explain something basic. A theist is a person who believes there exists at least one god. An atheist is a person who does not believe any … Continue reading

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