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The Alphabet Challenge: “A” Stories Voting

Assuming everyone has read the stories, this is the place where you can vote for your favorite of the “A” Stories. For readers who stumbled here or who need a refresher, the stories can be found by clicking on their … Continue reading

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This and that and the other thing

It’s been a tough few weeks. Those who read the previous post know of the other thing, but this and that were also a bother. But, yes, the other thing overshadowed all else. We’re still in the disbelief mode mixed … Continue reading

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General observations about stuff while waiting at the airport . . .

I started this blog post as we sat at the LaGuardia Delta terminal waiting for our flight . . . which had been delayed; twice. That was this past Saturday. I hate wasting written words, so I thought I would finish the post … Continue reading

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Guess the herb

A quick post as I prepare for sleep.

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American Robin taking a bath

People might wonder why I haven’t posted much of late. Yeah, me too. I mean, it’s not for lack of material. At last count, I have 1.67 gazillion photos to pick from and at least ten times that many words to … Continue reading

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The Robin’s Nest

On May 1st the shrubs and a couple of trees got a much-needed trimming. This Magnolia tree — planted too close to the house — got a pretty good trim . . .  I noticed something after the landscapers left … Continue reading

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Yes, still here.

For them wondering if I’m done with the blog . . . nope! Still here, in spirit if not in substance.  I’m still snapping the occasional photo or two but — truth be told — not that many since my … Continue reading

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