There’s a movie coming up in December . . . 

Normally, I’d avoid anything by James Cameron due to suffering massive disappointment with his Titanic and Avatar efforts. 

The thing is, both of those were massive hits and are loved by many people . . . people with very different tastes in movies, storytelling, and life in general. 

. . . which makes me think this movie will flop because I think I might like it . . . 

Also, I don’t think he’s directly involved with the project. More of a supporting role, he has, so I’m thinking there’s hope for the movie. 

If you don’t mind a few spoilers THIS is an interesting video to watch. It’s about the Alita Battle Angel manga and thoughts about the movie adaptation. 

One of the things I’ve already heard from people — people who I now look at a bit askance — is that they are “creeped out” by the eyes. 

Since January, I’ve averaged exactly twelve (12) posts per month. That is a huge drop from years past. In 2015, for instance, my average was more than one post a day and that’s when I was working. It’s not just posts. I used to write more opinions, more fiction, and shoot and process more photos. 

Wait . . . that’s not exactly true. Through the end of May, I’ve shot 4,330 photographs. That’s on track with the 8,394 photos I shot in 2016 and I’ll easily beat the 5,804 photos total for 2015. 

However, 2016 is an outlier year because a lot of those photos are for the items we were selling on eBay.  But, 2014 had me shoot 11,982 photos. 

Of course, it’s not really the number of photos that matter. It’s the number of photos I post; that’s the number that matter . . . but WordPress doesn’t make it easy to get those numbers. 

Anyways, where was I . . . oh, yeah . . .