Once more, it’s been a while since one of these. Such a long while that I almost forgot about them, so I can only imagine what a surprise this will be for the few readers of this blog.

What prompted me to author this post? Well, we’re not traveling, and not likely to travel much, so why not revisit past treks through the American (or maybe South American) landscape? No reason I could think of.

As mentioned before, all the WitW photos are collected in THIS<<link SmugMug Gallery.  Each new post will identify the previous post’s photo. The poll at the end of this post is mostly to amuse and entertain (me), but I name the location of these photos along with a red herring or two. It’s fine if you look up the answer, and I won’t care much which name you vote for because, hey, you might want to amuse yourself as well. It’s open to multiple voting for people who like more than one answer. Let me know if multiple voting doesn’t work.

The photos in the previous post<<link showcased the Great Sand Dunes NP<<link. For them interested in looking at it on Google Earth, here’s a screenshot of Google Earth’s street view. That’s close to the approximate location from where I snapped the first 2007 photo (the coordinates are in the lower right corner of the screenshots — click for a larger version).

For the few, the brave, the individuals who’ve been waiting to once again not only read but also cast powerful votes for your favorite story (or writer, or both), the time has come. . .

Disclaimer: The writing challenge has no restrictions and the stories will likely span a wide gamut of genres. The majority of the stories fall in the PG-rating range with a few perhaps pushing into the soft R-rating. Some readers might find a few of the stories disturbing because of the topics, language, and/or plot points, and if so, stop reading and move on.

Another quick post because I’m tired and need to get up early . . .

So, we were worried that something might have happened to the doe, but earlier we saw one of the fawns running toward the North side of our house. Odd that, because they are more likely to run away from the house.

It turned out the doe was there, and the other fawn was already getting some milk, and the runner didn’t want to miss out.

These shots are all through glass blinds, glass, and screen, so they are less-than-optimal . . . but, again, the Note 20 did a pretty good job. These are only lightly retouched in Lightroom. See what I did there? . . . lightly . . . Lightroom . . . ah, nevermind.

Just a quick post because I’m tired and need to get up early . . .

I’ve been driving by this car for a few years now. Sometimes I notice it, often, I don’t.

When I notice it, I’m always too far along to stop, and I promise myself “next time!”

Well, the next time was four days ago. It was a rainy day, which is just about perfect for photographing something that bright.

It’s been a long time coming, but the SDS “Lust” voting round has finally come to an end.

I’ll discuss various aspects of this challenge down below, but for now, here’s the updated logo . . .

If you want to know more about the SDS challenge, THIS Post <<link explains it.

If you want to read the Seven Deadly Sins stories submitted for the Sin of Lust, and see the results of the vote, THIS POST <<link is what you want to visit.

For them not interested in reading, you can see the photos in THIS<<link SmugMug Gallery.  

For a SmugMug slideshow, click HERE<<link. When you click the link, it will open in a new window, and you have two options:
1) Manually scroll through the photos by clicking the “<” and “>” symbols to the left or right of the photos.
2) There’s a PLAY/PAUSE button at the top-left of the screen with the transition set at about 5 seconds. Note: clicking the PLAY arrow activates the option for a full-screen slideshow. You can then still use the”<” and “>” symbols to the left or right of the photos (this will pause the slideshow).

If you want the full experience, keep reading.

That grackle did something I’ve not seen other birds do — it rinsed the worm it’s holding.
Notice the meal also includes a salad portion (grass blades).

What do that title even mean? Does it have anything to do with scat? Am I resorting to fecal humor? And what’s with all them adjectives?

Whoa there, Bob! That’s a lot of questions . . . lemme ‘splain . . .

Only three days left, and no more reminders. That’s right, cari lettori (not to be confused with Carrie Fisher, Tony Carey, or — FSM forbit — Jim Carrey). Mind you, if you are one of the few, the proud, the ones who voted . . . well, perhaps you would like to visit this blog post: Inserting photos and links into WordPress Blog Posts<<link.

OK, granted, WordPress screwed with the interface, but, if you are using the Classic Editor Block, most of that stuff still works. It completely different if you use the Block Editor. I mean, the ideas are the same, but the interface has significantly changed and moved around. But, again, that link tells you stuff you can do within the Classic Block. Good luck.

If you want to know more about the SDS challenge, THIS Post <<link explains it.

If you want to read the Seven Deadly Sins stories submitted for the Sin of Lust, and then vote, your gateway is THIS POST <<link. There, you’ll find links to each of the three stories and a poll for you to vote after you finish them (if you be so moved).
But, come Wednesday at noon, Central Time, the voting closes.