My previous post brought to light complaints — mostly from ex-readers of this blog — regarding my propensity for lengthy, boring, unfocused, and ‘did I mention boring?’ posts. Well, as I’m about to embark on yet another NaNoWriMo journey, it will seem as if their desperate cries for lesser content will have finally been heard.

Yup, next month will likely feature shorter and less frequent posts.. 


The above, by the way, is yet another scene from my favorite Big Island route; Saddle Road. All of the photos contained therein are from there. All two photos. That’s right, only two photos in this post. 

. . . and six variations with different post-processing. Like, for instance, this . . . 


. . . and this . . . 


The small versions offered up by WP don’t do the photos justice but, as usual, you can click on the photo and a larger version will open up in another window or tab. Or, you can go to the SmugMug Gallery HERE and you can examine the photos in any size up to full.