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Hawai’i Birds – Part I

I had high hopes, once here, of snagging lots of bird photos but Hawai’ian birds turned out to be surprisingly difficult to capture. I mean photograph, but I imagine capturing them would also be difficult. Almost every bird I see is … Continue reading

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Rudderless Sunday

There is so much I want to write about. Not just want; almost have to . . . I can’t quite put it into words but it stems from looking around and wondering if others are seeing what I am … Continue reading

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Flowers By Request – Nikon D7000 and 105mm f/2.8 Macro

One of my readers — an older gentleman of some distinction — made a request to see more flowers on these humble (virtual) pages.  How could I not comply? Plus, as it happens, I just recently had taken the D7000 … Continue reading

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Just a few random shots and thoughts

Sometimes I have so much to say and show that I end not saying or showing anything. By far, writing something is the more difficult task. Throwing up photos is easy . . .  Writing, on the other hand, can … Continue reading

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Back to the Big Boy Camera

A funny thing happened to me last week when I visited the Volcano National Park . . . I discovered I am vain. Yup! Me, vain.  I know what’s you’re thinking . . .  “What’s he got to be vain … Continue reading

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The Nikon P900 – Decision Time

Warning . . . long post ahead. Yesterday, we drove to the Volcano National Park. The only camera I used was the Nikon P900. Got me some photos to share. I’ll post some, but the full gallery and associated video playlists … Continue reading

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Shooting the Moon II – Nikon P900

This is a really short post. Enjoy.   Last night and tonight I stepped out again to shoot the moon. Again, hand-held and at 2000mm (83x zoom). This next shot is a stacked image from four sequential shots taken last … Continue reading

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