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Wordless Wednesday . . . not

I’ve been seeing them a while now . . . Wordless Wednesday posts. I’m not sure if intended as a sign of solidarity with people who can’t speak — be it for physical, emotional, or persecutory reasons — or a … Continue reading

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Post-Processing Tools – A Comparison

I’ve written before about my Workflow and general Post-Processing of my photographs. Just yesterday, I read a post by Leanne Cole about a hands-on trial of ACDSee Ultimate 10. I was severely tempted to buy it, but then I looked … Continue reading

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One year

One year ago today we arrived in Kona. You can read about it HERE.  The original plan was to see if we could make Hawaiʻi our home for the next number of years, so how are we doing with that? Well, … Continue reading

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Google Deep Dream Generator

I’ve been playing with Google’s Deep Dream Generator on and off for nearly a year now.  “What’s that?” you ask.  Well, it’s a post-processor of sorts. You throw it a photo, choose either Deep Dream . . .  . . … Continue reading

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The Best of May 2017

I’m introducing a new . . . well, it’s not a feature; it’s a post. No, wait . . . it’s a new type of post; a review of photos in the previous month’s posts.  That’s not one of them. That’s … Continue reading

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Topaz Plugins in use . . .

This will be a short post . . . no, really.  I mentioned before that when I feel “off” and can’t concentrate on being productive, I load up a few photos and play with them. By “play” I mean making … Continue reading

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A poor showing

Since January, I’ve averaged exactly twelve (12) posts per month. That is a huge drop from years past. In 2015, for instance, my average was more than one post a day and that’s when I was working. It’s not just … Continue reading

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