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Photography . . . do it matter?

I recently wrote a post about buying the soon-to-be-released Nikon P1000. Some of the comments had me thinking about photography in general and my photography in particular. That’s right . . . I did some thinking.   One of the best … Continue reading

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To Watermark Or Not To Watermark

For a number of years, I’ve used a service by Digimarc (Guardian for Images) but I’ve ended the subscription as of a few days ago.  Simply put, the program uses a form of steganography to embed your own identifying ID into … Continue reading

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Nikon P1000 . . . should I buy one?

Note: just to be clear, the title is a rhetorical question; I’m not asking anyone to answer it. I’m actually asking myself and sorting out the answer in the writing below.  Lectorem monuit est: while this might be of passing … Continue reading

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Just random Nikon P900 photos

WARNING: lots of photos mixed in with banalities. Nothing of importance. Best pass on this one unless you like lots of photos about nothing in particular. Also, beware; reverse psychology in use.  It’s been a while since I did a … Continue reading

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Looking Back – October 2008 Color Tour

Note: while I won’t show all of the images in the body of the post, all of the images are included in the gallery at the end. I don’t know how fast galleries load, and I don’t know how fast … Continue reading

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A quick post about stitched panoramas and difficult exposures

Unless you’re a photographer, skip this. You might skip this even if you are a photographer. You could also just look at the gallery at the bottom. The P900 has the option to shoot panoramas as does my Note 8. … Continue reading

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A second quick post about post-processing

The first quick post about post-processing post generated a comment and got me thinking I need some practice with Photoshop and Topaz. This was the comment by doesitevenmatter3 (diem3): Now if only you could set that handsome gorilla among the … Continue reading

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