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Playing with Topaz A. I. GigaPixel

In the previous post, I showed this photo that was generated by taking a small photo, enlarging it using Topaz A. I. GigaPixel, and then cropping it to what you see.  I was sufficiently impressed that I wanted to try … Continue reading

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More Photography Stuff – Zoom versus Crop

Yes, another post exploring stuff I think about when evaluating what photographic equipment I should buy. As such, this might is probably only of interest to photographers and only photographers who know less than I do (so, like five people). … Continue reading

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Answering a comment with a post – photography equipment

A comment by OneOwner on my last post is responsible for this post. I started answering his comment and before I knew it, I was at 1,000 words worth of answer and I wasn’t done . . . so, this … Continue reading

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Long Beach New Year’s Celebration Fireworks

For them not interested in reading, you can go directly to the SmugMug Gallery HERE.   For a slideshow click HERE. When you click the link, it will open in a new window and you have two options: 1) Manually scroll through the photos … Continue reading

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Post-Processing the Cattle Egret (actually, Black Crowned Night Heron)

NOTE: an astute reader noticed a big error on my part. In my rush to get the post out, I misread the identification of the bird . . . it’s not a Cattle Egret but a Black Crowned Night Heron.  … Continue reading

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Laptop Adventures in Color and B&W

OK, so I’ve screwed around with the calibration and think I have an adjustment where things look like they used to. It may yet be the calibration I’ve picked results in me thinking I’m presenting one thing (gorgeous colors expertly … Continue reading

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Adventures in Laptop Black and White

As I mentioned, I be gots me a new laptop. A laptop I’m still trying to tune. And by tune, I mean the display.  I done did me some calibration and in a previous post, I gots me decent feedback … Continue reading

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