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A bit of a sad tale

So, yesterday, this Monarch was on the pavement directly behind — and in the path — of the rear wheel of my trusty Highlander (There Can Be Only One).  Monarchs have been in Hawaiʻi since the mid-1800s and unlike the ones … Continue reading

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A second quick post about post-processing

The first quick post about post-processing post generated a comment and got me thinking I need some practice with Photoshop and Topaz. This was the comment by doesitevenmatter3 (diem3): Now if only you could set that handsome gorilla among the … Continue reading

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A quick post about post-processing

So, the Project 313 Post 31 that went live earlier has a flower photo and I mentioned that I photoshopped away some ugly detail.  I had a few photos taken with the Note 8 and both showed the remnants of … Continue reading

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A few hours in Kailua Kona

As mentioned in the last post, I’ve been editing stuff. Specifically, my last novel. Yes, I have it in mind sending it out into the wild and see if it can hook an agent. I’m not holding my breath, but one … Continue reading

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I’m busy, honest!

To some, it may look like I’m slacking off in my posting. Well, I’m here to tell you that once you retire, you’ll find time just slips through your fingers. Whereas I used to be able to do a lot … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous Samsung Note 8 Photos

This might end up being one of them there lengthy post. There are a lot of photos, so it might load slow. I suggest getting a cup of coffee and perhaps making a bathroom run while everything loads.  Just letting people … Continue reading

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So, how’s my Note 8?

It’s fine, thank you. I don’t have any complaints and if pushed, I’d be hard-pressed to come up with something I’m not happy about. Blazing fast, lots of customization, handles pretty much anything I throw at it. However, readers of … Continue reading

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