Just a quick . . . er . . . semi-quick post about the communal bathing habits of House Sparrows. It all started in September, when House sparrows became regular visitors to the birdfeeders. They usually come in small flocks of about ten or so, but occasionally more.

They got into the habit of doing vigorous bathing, usually with multiple birds in the birdbath at the same time. Wait, let me back up a bit . . .

It’s been a while, so if anyone needs a refresher, Parts 1 and 2 are HERE and HERE. BUT . . . since it’s a rare reader indeed who follows links, a quick recap:

  1. Original plan: Chicago, north through Wisconsin, across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, down to the Lower Peninsula, through Indiana, and home.
  2. Modification 1: North to the Lower Peninsula, up to the Upper Peninsula, back down to visit friends, down through Indiana, and home.
  3. Modification 2: 1,909 miles from home to as far North as Whitefish Point in the U. P. and back home in 102 hours.

This post, then, is about September 18th, 2022. Them who read the previous posts know today’s travels start at the Ojibway Hotel in Sault St. Marie (The Soo). It would end nearly 300 miles later in Traverse City, MI. We’d originally planned a stopover at Tahquamenon Falls, but based on the accelerated schedule, we decided to skip Michigan’s largest falls (upper and lower) and its tannins-tainted waters.

For some reason, some of the photos are loading slowly, and I don’t know if that’s WP or SmugMug’s fault, but if I mention something and you don’t see it, try refreshing the screen. Like, for instance, the following map.

That’s the route, and what follows are the photos . . .

Just a quick post . . . I just saw the notice for the winner of Flickr’s contest. Specifically, the Nature category winner.


I’m like . . . “What?! A hummingbird Photo?”

I mean, I have hundreds of hummingbird photos. Heck, this past Sunday’s SmugMug Appreciation post had three photos of hummingbirds that I think are just as good.

Here they are:

Pareidolia. I’m always looking for potential ‘faces’, especially in food. Many a times I’ll interrupt the assembly of my breakfast, whip out my phone, and . . .

Bagels are the most frequent targets because I cut them into four slices, exposing various air pockets. Combined with the center hole, it makes for a high probability of facial expressions . . . provided one has the imagination and desire to see them. I’m told some people can’t see them . . . the poor bastards.

Kind of busy today, but took the time to relax and play with a few photos from THIS post.

I keep forgetting to play with Plot-A-Verse (Plot-A-Graph is the option I use within Plot-A-Verse), but I occasionally remember . . . and then I look for photographs suited to the effect.

Here are three . . . I don’t know how they will play because I’m linking them from SmugMug . . . and these files are large (~12MB). The first is of one of the pelicans (remember, you might have to give it a few seconds or longer for it to load) . . .

Here are two more . . .