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More Reflection on Reflection

Fully in my procrastination mode, I looked for other ways to create water reflections in photos. I watched a few instruction videos and THIS is the video that I found fairly straightforward and easy to follow. Meaning, it has no 3D … Continue reading

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Reflection on Reflection

Another quick post . . . what is this world coming to?  Anyway, an article in the latest Photoshop User Magazine caught my attention. I’ve seen various instructions on creating realistic water reflections, but this one looked to be a … Continue reading

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Mantis Moth

Just a quick post . . . yesterday evening as I returned from fulfilling the traditional male role of “taking out the garbage” I noticed something on the wall.  This Praying Mantis looks to be a juvenile. That’s confirmed by … Continue reading

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More Deep Dream Generator

A while ago, I did a post about Deep Dream Generator and erroneously identified it as associated with Google. I realized my mistake by asking the following questions (through their contact info): 1) Your “About” mentions contacting you to “know … Continue reading

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The Spinner Files

A blog I follow (OneOwner) had a photo of a spinner that looked neat (click on the link to see it). Well, of, course, I had to get one . . . or more.  Warning: this post will be boring for … Continue reading

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A Burst of Macros

So, a few days ago I had an urge to macro.  Obviously, not a macro shot. I took this photo on the way to snapping a bunch of macro shots. FYI, as usual, click on any photo for a larger … Continue reading

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Lazy Sunday

One of the reasons you can tell that it’s a lazy Sunday is that the titular post goes live on Monday. Oh, well . . . whatcha gonna do.  Notice: photos of spiders later in this post.  FYI, as usual, click … Continue reading

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