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Yes, more AI digital art . . . if not interested, you can perhaps read some of my early fiction (HERE) or my top ten favorites of (my) alphabet stories submissions (HERE).

I doubt anyone will actually go do that, but now that they’ve left . . . my warmest ‘Welcome!’ to the remaining three readers who are willing to suffer through my digital art offerings.

So, what are we doing today? Well, many, many moons ago, at the beginning of the Internet, I came across this computer-generated image. It’s pretty simple by today’s standards, but back in the day, it was something, I tell you what!

I would love to give credit to the originator, but I’ve not found who it was. TinEye finds a similar image first used in 2017, but I know the image is at least from 1998, and probably older.

Anyway, that — or something like it — is what I set out to duplicate, and here’s the prompt I used:

three-masted sail ship in orbit around saturn

For them not familiar, the AI engine generated four concepts. From there, you can ‘upscale’ any or all of the four, get variations based on any or all of the four, or ask for a different four. This is what the prompt returned . . .

Certainly visually interesting, but not what I had in mind. I thought maybe ‘three-masted sail ship‘ was too difficult for the AI to parse, so I tried a different wording.

caravelle in space near saturn

Hmm . . . don’t tell me the AI doesn’t know the meaning of ‘caravelle’! I mean, I would expect that from the typical high schooler or modern college grad, but an AI!?

Still, I ain’t seeing any type of boat . . . unless it’s those tiny bumps in the second rendering.

Time to try again . . .

sailing ship in space, saturn, detailed, with stars in background

Well, at least I can see a ship . . . so I upscaled the second rendering to see how it would look . . .

Click for a larger version

Still not what I wanted, although in the ballpark . . . so I did a variation on the above and got these options:

Some potential stuff , for sure, but not the type of boats I was looking for (remember the first graphic above).

Here’s the next prompt I tried:

sailing ship in space, saturn, detailed, with stars in background

Then, I had an inspiration! I needed to be more specific!

nina, pinta, santa maria in space

Oh, so close! . . . NOT!

I then remembered those beautiful maps of the ocean where the world is flat, and the ocean ends with a giant waterfall into space (something like THIS). Mind you, I just did that search and got the results immediately . . . but that’s not the terms I used for the prompt . . .

christopher columbus ships falling from ocean into space, detailed, realistic,

Now, those looked interesting . . . not what I was looking for, but we at least got ships, water and sky (space). So, I upscaled all four, and asked for variants for No. 1 and No. 4.

These, then, are the upscaled versions of the four.

The third one might actually have a small Christopher Columbus-ish figure on the boat. The second ship might be the Mary Celeste.

Here are the two variants it offered up . . .

The first variant didn’t interest me, but I liked the looks of the second set of four, so I upscaled all four.

Those are all interesting. Sure, they have a Pirates of the Caribbean vibe to them, but they’re visually interesting. Also, they gave me an idea for the next prompt . . .

pirate ship sailing the cosmos on the tail of a comet with galaxies in the background, detailed, realistic –ar 19:9

I liked the first one, so I upscaled it and also asked for variants of it . . . here’s the upscaled version of the first one:

Here’s the variant of the first one:

Again, not what I envisioned, but all four are pretty striking . . . but, for now, I’ve only upscaled the first one.

I’ll probably upscale the others when I get back to them. At this point, I ran another variant on the same prompt and got this:

OK, so still not what I wanted, so I went back to the sea with this prompt . . .

ship falling off the edge of the ocean with sea serpent in water and dragon flying overhead, hyper realistic –ar 16:9

. . . OK, no sea serpent, clear ship, or dragon . . . but I decided to upscale the first and the fourth.

I just wasn’t going to get anything close to what I envisioned, but it was still interesting . . . and I’d forgotten about another variant I’d asked for . . .

Still not what I wanted, So I decided to call it a night . . . but not before I upscaled those, just because.

It annoys me a bit when the initial renditions look better than the upscaled versions. It’s like they want to make them look decrepit.

I still want that Caravelle-in-space graphic, so I’ll keep trying. But not right now.

As usual, you can click on the above images for larger versions, and here’s the slideshow for THIS gallery of images.

Slideshow of the above photos.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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