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A few hours in Kailua Kona

As mentioned in the last post, I’ve been editing stuff. Specifically, my last novel. Yes, I have it in mind sending it out into the wild and see if it can hook an agent. I’m not holding my breath, but one … Continue reading

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Conehead – Neoconocephalus triops

The Coneheads were a joke that ran much too long on Saturday Night Live and even spawned a movie.  But, this post is not about them; it’s about this: Don’t see it? How about now? Still don’t see it? Let … Continue reading

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Gnat Graveyard

I’ve written before about one of the joys here in Hawaiʻi . . . bugs.  By the way, THIS is a bit worrisome of an article. As much as I don’t like bugs (don’t hate them, either) I know they are of … Continue reading

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Nikon P900 Trip Report

We were gone from August 30th to September 16th and — as mentioned in THIS post — of the 8,859 photos I shot, 4,273 were shot with the Nikon P900. In fact, up to the very last, I had considered … Continue reading

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Alaska Cruise – General Thoughts

Edited to Add: I’ve added a gallery at the bottom of the post for them who are just interested in the photos. ~ ~ ~ o o o ~ ~ ~ “Where is he?!” no one asked. I’ve been back … Continue reading

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A Burst of Macros

So, a few days ago I had an urge to macro.  Obviously, not a macro shot. I took this photo on the way to snapping a bunch of macro shots. FYI, as usual, click on any photo for a larger … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday . . . not

I’ve been seeing them a while now . . . Wordless Wednesday posts. I’m not sure if intended as a sign of solidarity with people who can’t speak — be it for physical, emotional, or persecutory reasons — or a … Continue reading

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