. . . and we shell give thanks

Today we spent our day with good friends and ate good food, and I hope all my subscribers and casual readers also had a good day.

I don’t have an appropriate post prepared, but I did go to the beach yesterday, and collected a few rare shells. It’s the only thing I have to share.


Mind you, they are not rare in the sense there are no other shells that look similar to these. They are rare in the sense they are the ones I picked.

Out of literally millions of shells, these are the ones that captured my attention.


Once I made my choice, I wanted to show why I picked them over all the others.



That’s where the Samsung Note II camera and a few choice apps came in.

These where processed with both Snapseed and Pixlr Express.


All of them are sized for the maximum width of the post, so there are no linked originals, and there is no SmugMug gallery; what you see is what you get.


That bottom piece to me looked a bit like a scrimshaw, and I even contemplated doodling on it . . . perhaps when I am home.  Right now I am on vacation, and I am way behind on my NaNoWrimo, so the above will have to do.

But, here’s a better look at it . . .

20131127_163751_HDR_3 20131127_163755_HDR_1

It is a fragment of a large shell, probably sandblasted and bleached by the sun.

I tried different looks with the shells . . .

20131127_163831_HDR_1 20131127_163901_1 20131127_163901_2

Some are sure to call them creative efforts . . . I just pushed sliders about as I stuffed my face with food, my stomach expanding to sizes it has not seen in a few months.

Now, this many photos are counter to keeping reader’s attention, but since I spent the time generating all these, by golly, I’m going to post them!

Here are the singles series.

20131127_163906_2 20131127_163912_2 20131127_163929_1 20131127_163945 20131127_164011_1 20131127_164028_2

There were a few bugs as I processed the photos . . .

By far, the shots I liked the best where the arranged ones.


And of those, I liked the ones with a bit of extra processed the best.


In case anyone is wondering about the background . . . glass patio table.

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o o o o o o ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

No Doodle on this post because it was composed on my Samsung Note II.


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