The Florida Keys


Yup! Those are my Florida keys. Driving a Corolla, I am, with all four of the cylinders under the hood working to make it seem as if there were twice as many cylinders hiding under there, and not making me believe there are even 1.5 as many.

Last night (1:30 this morning) my eyes, body, and mind all screamed . . . “Go to sleep, you idiot!”

Well, I never! I was not going to take that lying down! I mean, I was laying down, but I fought back.

“You guys can’t tell me what to do! With what I optimistically label ‘formidable willpower’, I will overcome you all and finish this post!”

“You double idiot,” my mind answered, “where do you think your formidable willpower comes from? GO. TO. SLEEP!”

As I write this today, I consider the unfairness of needing sleep. I mean, I can see needing food, and even welcome having to eat, but sleep? That’s just a big waste of time.


Florida in the morning looks a lot like Hawaii in the morning, but with older people. The photo above was snapped at our motel, as was this next one, before we left for the Keys.


As I write this, a gentle rain is falling, and it occurs to me if we, in Colorado, got this much rain, and if the winters were not as harsh, and if we imported more elderly humans, we too might have this kind of colorful vegetation.


My impetus for driving to the Keys was traversing on them long bridges one sees in movies (True Lies, for example). However, there is a lot of other stuff to see in the area, and we were short on time, so we only got down to mile marker 37, leaving the rest for a future visit.


The shot above is taken from the remnants of a bridge built by some rich guy for a purpose no longer deemed important. Part of it is open to visitors, and that part overlooks the beach of a popular State Park. On most beaches I get the urge to poke my eyes out, and this one was no different.

While the bridge it’s still standing, a section of it was either intentionally removed, or suffered some calamity.


Unlike other old spans which have been converted to pedestrian foot bridges, fishing bridges, biking bridges, or all three, that part of the bridge looks as if it has not been used in a good while.

I don’t get the whole “rocks on the road” bit, but it gives it accentuates its “I ain’t no longer a functioning bridge” look.

I’ll post more photos of the bridge, beach and sights from the area when I process my ‘regular’ photos.


This is vegetation from the beach . . .


. . . I think it fights valiantly to reclaim land from the pounding of the sea, and does so with quiet determination.

“Give it up,” I told it,” you’re not going to win.”

I think it gave me the finger before ignoring me completely.


This thing was on the beach . . . It might be a type of sponge, but it looked like an ancient alien organism had crashed-landed on the beach, complete with the remnants of a little alien still in it. Out of respect for its dignified final resting place, I did not poke at it.

By early evening we arrived at our hosts in Jupiter, Florida.

ejd: “Holy Crap on a Cracker! You sure have lousy drivers on these here roads!”

Mike: “Yeah; I meant to warn you about that, but then you would have brought your gun.”

ejd: “I woulda if I’d coulda.”

More to come.

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