Happy Thanksgiving 2017

 So, Thanksgiving Day . . . I never quite know what to put up for Thanksgiving. I mean, I could make a joke; something like Look who’s coming to dinner!

Past years are of little help. In 2012 I did a summary of that year’s Flash Fiction. In 2013, I PUNNED. People liked the 2014 Thanksgiving post because it was short. In 2015, I was ankle-deep in NaNoWriMo and must have plain forgot. Last year saw a mishmash of stuff . . . and I have a feeling this year will be no different. 

I could talk about goats . . . Thanksgiving goats are a thing, right?

Wait, this is Hawaiʻi and there’s nothing that says Hawaiʻi like . . . 

I mean, if I were back on the mainland, I’d probably be doing some sort of leaf-motif . . . 

. . . although, I’m not sure if that hints Thanksgiving. 

Sure, I could do flowers . . . 

. . . but, again, are they really “Thanksgiving?”

Food is something associated with Thanksgiving, but this year we bought all pre-made stuff (thanks, Costco!) so it’s nothing exciting. I have photos of past food (can’t wait until we have a house again because I miss this stuff) . . . 

You know what? How about this?

Thank you all for reading this little corner of the Internet. Stay safe, stay strong, and . . . 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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