We get snow too, you know!

. . . we just don’t whine about it.

Night after night this past weekend we got inundated with “breaking news” from a snow storm out East. You would think they are the only ones who get snow.

OK, OK, we’ve not had any big dump in recent years, but let’s look at yearly averages:

New York – 26 inches yearly average 
Washington D. C. – 14 inches yearly average
Monument, Colorado – 111 inches yearly average

We’ve had some decent blizzards since I’ve had the blog: HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Those are all during what I call our Snowblower Era. We got the snowblower because in 2009 Melisa got injured and was unable to help shovel. I can do the drive on my own, but Melisa laid down the law . . . if it’s only me, we get a snowblower. 

BUT . . . 2006 is an example of the kind of work we faced between 2005 when we moved here and 2009 when we bought the snowblower. 



That snowstorm was one of two since we’ve lived here that made the roads impassable because of drifting. We went out to shovel as the storm was ending and there was still a bit of snow falling.


This awaited us when we opened the garage . . . 


5393_20Dec06_Blizzard_DIGIHere is the view from outside . . .


5395_20Dec06_Blizzard_DIGII catch a lot of flack because of these next two photos . . .


5399_20Dec06_Blizzard_DIGIEveryone asks me why I was not helping . . . don’t worry, I did my part.



It may look easy, but after a while you can’t just throw snow . . . you have to fling it well over your shoulders. Here’s what the backside of those mounds look like . . . 




. . . and the front.


This is what the street looked like . . . 


My neighbor did have a snowblower, but we were actually faster shoveling.



5419_20Dec06_Blizzard_DIGIThis was a day later . . .



And this was a welcomed sight . . . 





These next shots are of the intersection at the end of our street and the view along the road out from the subdivision.



After that snowstorm, whenever we were scheduled to have major dumps, we would go out every three hours or so and clear the snow while it was still snowing. We did not want a repeat of those drifts. 

We are supposed to get 3″-5″ inches on Sunday, 3″-5″ inches on Monday, and 1″-3″ on Monday. Now, because we live on the Palmer Divide, we’ll likely see the top of those estimates and maybe more. 

We won’t make the news, and our stores will not be emptied, and we’re not going to whine about it. I might even snap a few more photos.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.

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Very Sour
Very Sour

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