22Dec2011 Snow Aplenty

One of our flower beds - taken two days ago

And this is the same location mid-day on Thursday, December 22, 2011.

Hummingbird snow swimming

Yes, this was an honest snow event.  We often get fast-moving storms that will dump some snow, but recently the main headache with these storms has been icy roads.  This storm is reminiscent of the storm of ’06 (Picasa album – Dec. ’06 blizzard), but without the monster drifts.

As usual, you can click on the pictures to go to the SmugMug album (49 pictures and two movies, but you don’t have to look at them all).

Looking out over the deck

The picture above was while it was still snowing, so you can barely see Bald Mountain in the background.

The Margarita Bird Bath

The water heater in the bird bath was doing its job (despite temperatures in the teens), and the whole thing started to look like a fancy Mexican drink.

Eventually the storm let up, and I went out to clear the drive.  I typically shovel the path to the front door by hand since the snow blower is to big to easily maneuver on the path.

The foot path to the front door

Once at the driveway I bring out the snow blower.  I prefer to shovel by hand, but Melisa insists she does not need the money from my life insurance, so snow blower it is.

Good amount of snow

And you know, since this was finely packed, and starting to melt, I really did not mind grabbing the electric start, dual stage, heated handles machine I named The Beast.

The Beast and its bladework

The Beast can throw snow a goodly way (hence the name – although Snow Dragon was also a consideration as it belches snow), but less so when the snow begins to melt.  Still, it does move a lot of snow very quickly.

I can shovel that fast, but only for about 8 seconds

I had asked Melisa to snap some pictures, and she went to town on it, so I made a little stop-motion animation.

It did not take long before The Beast went back to its lair and sleep once again.

The drive after The Beast got done with it

With the cleanup complete, it was time to turn my attention to the business of picture snapping.  By then the clouds had begun to give way to the rays of the sun.  It made for better picture than those under an overcast sky.

My favorite picture from this set

That looks like a cake on a platter.  One thing to note is the empty space under the birdbath . . . had the snow accumulation been from the wind swirling it around, there would not be an empty space under the bowl.  For most of the early morning the snow was falling straight down.

Another view of the same area

I shot a few more pictures while the sun was out.  The one above to show the drift up on the roof.  This one to show the neighbors down the street tackling the cleaning of their drive.

Another street view after the storm

. . . and of the neighbor to the West of me cleaning the street in front of the mailbox . . .

Snow throwing looks more impressive in the sunlight

. . . and of course, the artistic shot of my front yard . . .

The sun attacking the blanket of snow . . . it will eventually win.

But the story is not over.  Oh no, not even close.

The next day we took the opportunity to go do some snowshoeing.  The plan was to head over to the Greenland Open Space, and tackle the rolling hills heading toward Larkspur.  But, when we got there, the small parking space had not been plowed, and with it being sloped away from the road, it made for a dicey parking situation.

The Santa Fe Trail between Palmer Lake and Monument

So we kept going and went to Palmer Lake Park.  Sure, that parking lot was not plowed either, but it’s flat.  I drove into it and the 10 inch clearance of the Tahoe was not enough to clear the foot-plus of snow in the lot.  So, while my tires left deep grooves in the snow, the bottom of the SUV shaved the top of the snow nice and flat.

Much better views on the Santa Fe Trail

We got out, strapped on our snowshoes, and headed onto the Santa Fe Trail.  The snow  made for a nice contrast as the sun lit up the red rocks.  I got to tell you, we are new at snowshoeing.  It’s tough going, but we did our two miles, and were glad to have been out there.

Close-up of the red rocks holding vigil over the trail

The pictures from our snowshoeing excursion were taken with my little Panasonic Point and Shoot.  it has a tendency to over-saturate, but overall it does a decent job.  And it shoots nice videos.

I added the music after I got home, but it does seem as if Melisa is keeping to the music as she walks. (Note: YouTube is pissing me off by playing the unedited video when linked from here.  If you don’t hear the music, try going to YouTube (hit their logo on the lower right corner of the video window), or go to the SmugMug version of the video.  There too you might have to let it load before hitting play, but at least it plays correctly.)

That’s it; that’s the December 22, 2011 snow event.  If you liked the pictures, narrative, or videos (or all of it), please rate or “like” the post, or the videos, or the pictures.

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4 Responses to 22Dec2011 Snow Aplenty

  1. AnnMarie says:

    I have to say that your videos are quite entertaining . . . the two-legged beast gave me a chuckle. And I appreciated Melisa trying to keep in time with the music or . . . vice versa!


    • disperser says:

      The music was a happy coincidence. We have not had that kind of snow again, but we plan to go out snowshoeing again when we do. I really enjoy it, and it’s hard work.


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