Juneau – Alaska Cruise 2017 – Part 1

I’m writing this on the 28th of July, 2020 . . . my last post about our 2017 Alaska Cruise was exactly one year ago (HERE<<link) and covered the last of the Haines photos. Had I been aware of it, I would have tried to post on the anniversary of my last post . . . alas, there’s no way I’ll finish this in the next ninety minutes.

This is the first post documenting our September 13, 2017, visit to Juneau, Alaska, a now even longer-delayed continuation of my documentation of our 2017 Alaska Cruise. Current and previous posts relating to this cruise are HERE<<link. The following introduction is the same as that of previous posts so that’s something else you can skip.

There’s a gallery at the end of each post and a SmugMug gallery HERE<<link. Photos in SmugMug can be viewed full-size. Note that the SmugMug gallery will eventually contain all the photos from Juneau; those from this post (Part 1) and those from subsequent Juneau posts.

You can click on the photos in the body of this post to see a larger-but-less-than-full-size-version. If there’s a panorama, I’ll link the full-size files but be warned . . . they’re typically huge. Huger than people have ever seen before. Don’t click on those links unless you’re enjoying a biggly Interweb connection. Also, if you have biggly Interweb but you’re reading this on a phone — which is sad; VERY SAD — I wouldn’t bother with the full-size photos because they are HUGE; huger than anyone else’s huge photos. 

September 13, 2017, had me shoot around 300 photos (186 P900 photos, 10 D7000 photos, and 280 Note II photos, but most of those were three-shot HDR series, so probably around 75-80 photos) and a few videos. Also, many of the Note II photos were inside shops and are mostly of little interest to anyone. Photos I think are of interest are posted below.

I should probably do a brief introduction . . . 

First off, here’s the Princess Patter<<link for the 13th of September of 2017. 

Here’s a map of the whole area . . . Juneau is roughly in the middle of nowhere . . . but not that far from Haines, as the crow flies (near the bottom of the map). I would guess more than 100 miles but less than 150 miles. Click the picture below for a much larger version (4.4MB).

This is the Juneau Port Guide<<link describing the attractions of the area and what little other information a visitor might find useful along with a rudimentary map.<<link

Right, that be enough background stuff to bore even the staunchest readers to tears. Many — I’m sure — have already tuned out and left. 

~ ~ ~ ~ here we go ~ ~ ~ ~

As before, most of these photos are from the Nikon P900. There are no D7000 photos in this post. There are a few Samsung Note 8 Note II photos in this post but not many. Keep that in mind in case you’re considering whether using a point-and-shoot camera suffices to document your travels. 

8:23 am — 25mm eq. zoom

I can’t help but show off the amazing zoom of the P900 . . .

2,000mm eq. zoom
2,000mm eq. zoom

Those won’t win any prizes, but if you are a private investigator, boy, would this camera come in handy!

85mm eq. zoom

The day was destined to remain overcast, but I didn’t mind as many of the scenes would otherwise have significant dynamic ranges.

I stood out there for a bit capturing a bit of the scenery . . .

See the little boat out there? No? How about now?

550mm eq. zoom
2000mm eq. zoom

Yeah, I’ll be doing a fair amount of that, but hopefully not too much . . . but . . .

200mm eq. zoom
2000mm eq. zoom

Now, I’m going to show a photo that was supposedly taken at the same time . . .

This is a Note II photo snapped through glass (you can see the reflection of something). The thing is, I’m relatively sure it’s a lot earlier than the other photos that also carry an 8:24 am time of capture.

So, here’s what I think is going on . . . either my phone or the camera were set to not update automatically with GPS. Likely, the camera is the one that was off. BUT . . . I don’t know the differential. Meaning, I don’t really know the sequence of photos between the P900 and the Samsung Note II. Or, for that matter, the D7000 (that needs to be set manually, which I didn’t do).

Anyway, who cares. I know that after breakfast, we went ashore.

Now, having been here before, we knew we wanted to just walk around as opposed to do any tours. Even so, we once again missed stuff . . . because we weren’t all that interested. We probably should have walked inland a bit more and visited some historic buildings (which I read about after the fact), but we were content with just walking around and visiting a few shops.

Oh, yeah, there was a gold mine here. I mean, literally, you know, with people going underground and stuff.

This was an instance where I wished I’d grabbed the D7000 and my 100mm Macro lens. I love me some rusted metal.

A face, I see. A sad face.
A difficult Yoga pose?

What’s that?

A face with its tongue sticking out.

I enjoy photographing stuff near or on the water.

Odds are, if you photograph anyone these days, they are on the phone.

Like most places in Alaska, the fishing industry is an important part of life.

Remember, you can click on those for a larger view (or see them even better in SmugMug).

These are the listed attractions in Juneau . . .

If we’re ever there again, we’ll likely take the cable car to what I think is a restaurant atop the mountain. Not for the food, but for the view. Of course, a brighter day might then be desired.

But, no . . . we were content walking around . . .

These next two photos are of the wall of the visitor center, which you will see later . . .

Like most of the destinations, there are a lot of shops for the cruisers to visit . . . while we did stop in a few, we only bought a few minor things. I think our days of big souvenirs are behind us. Memories are usually sufficient.

We did see something we would have been interested in . . .

It wasn’t for sale . . . but, man, you have to admit that a bear in obvious need of a public restroom is something that would look great on our front porch.

There is public transportation available for a nominal fee . . . which they use to equip their trams with people catchers.

Somehow, I’m not comforted by the design. Basically, that’s a shin-splitter.

This next place is, apparently, famous . . .

According to Wikipedia, it’s “a drinking establishment at 278 South Franklin Street in Juneau, Alaska, U.S. The Red Dog has been recognized by the Alaska Legislature for its longevity as the oldest man-made tourist attraction in Juneau.”

We did not go in, me lacking my Colt Peacekeepers.

Note: I have a near-exact version of this photo taken with the Note II. Presuming they were taken at the same time (not a certainty) the time differential between the P900 and the Note II is three hours, but, again, I don’t know which one has the correct time. 

Here are a few more street scenes . . .

And, no, that guy and I didn’t arrange to snap each other’s photos.

So, here are a few things from the shops . . . these are P900 photos. Later, there are a few Note II interior shots.

Actually, had I noticed the wolf footprint with the wolf inlaid in the pad, I might have bought it . . . you know, given the theme of the blog and all. As it was, my attention was focused on the bigger piece.

We considered buying a few x-mas ornaments, but since we no longer do a tree, we opted not to. I’m sure shop-owners dislike people like us who appear interested (we are) but don’t buy anything. Especially since this was one of the last cruises of the season.

Given the amount of free food available on the ship, I’m always surprised when cruisers avail themselves of local kiosks selling dubiously authentic local foodstuff . . .

I mean, I like crepes, but at $6 a pop, I can wait until I make them at home (er . . . ask melisa to make them for me at home). They also had crepes at the specialty shop on the ship, but there too you pay a price I think is out of line with the amount of cooked batter you get. There was one day when they had them as an after-dinner treat for free and made to order fresh. Yes, I had me some.

Again, I would try the “local fare” but the prices (to me) seem out of line . . . probably because I also don’t find the offerings attractive.

Here’s a tram without the shin-buster . . .

This post is getting a bit long on the tooth and I want to do other stuff, so I’ll stop here and continue on a future (but sooner than a year) post.

Here is a gallery of the above for them who like photos out of order and without context, and who don’t want to visit SmugMug.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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