April in Colorado

Woodland Park Snow

Woodland Park Snow

The interesting thing living in Colorado is one never quite knows when the last snow of the year will grace our lawns.

One thing we know for sure, April’s snow ain’t it.

But while not the last, this was certainly a good one.  As I headed out a few minutes after four on Friday morning, I quickly ran into white-out conditions.  The next ten miles were negotiated by driving fairly slowly down the middle of I-25, trying to make sure the white center line stayed centered under my trusty Suburban.

Luckily, there’s not much traffic at that time of the morning, and I only had to pass a few cars and a couple of trucks . . . and a snow plow.

The weather was better in Colorado Springs, but then I headed up Ute Pass on my way to Woodland park, land of icy snow-covered roads.  My, what fun I had.

My Trusty Steed

My Trusty Steed

Of course, the drive in was nothing compared to my drive home.  Two detours, a number of side roads, helping a stuck motorist, and weaving my way against one-way traffic on County Line (part of the detour off of I-25), and I finally got to my subdivision . . . my unplowed subdivision.  I made my way to my driveway, and parked in front of it . . .

. . . sure, I could have made it inside the garage, but I don’t like packing down the snow; it makes it difficult to clean.

Driveway Cleaning, D'Alise Style

Battleship Row

Cleaning heavy, wet snow is a tedious affair, even with a snow blower.  I typically clean one side at a time, and I try to get creative with each cleaning.

Some people do not like clearing snow, but I find it therapeutic, and Friday I really needed it.  I would have done the whole drive with a shovel, but I bowed to my wife’s wishes and used the snow blower.  Something about her being worried I might have a heart attack.

As usual, click on any of the pictures to go and check out the full SmugMug album.

My Shoveled Walkway

My Shoveled Walkway

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3 Responses to April in Colorado

  1. AnnMarie says:

    Glad you included the link to this post on the comment section of the Feb. 2014 Calendar, otherwise I would have missed the reminder of that snowfall and your adventure. Much as I don’t like to admit it, snow is also beautiful and is a great subject for photos!


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