The SDS Challenge — Fifth Lust Voting Reminder

I’m not even going to ask . . . if you want to read and vote, instructions are below on how to do so. Me? Just like so many times in my life, I’m Just Vegging<<link.

If you want to know more about the SDS challenge, THIS Post <<link explains it.

If you want to read the Seven Deadly Sins stories submitted for the Sin of Lust, and then vote, your gateway is THIS POST <<link. There, you’ll find links to each of the three stories and a poll for you to vote after you finish them (if you be so moved).

I’m not sure how these days get away from me. Yesterday, I meant to do a post to keep my small streak alive but — before I knew it — I checked the time and it was 11:30pm. Sure, I could have thrown up something (and nearly did), but then I thought the following . . .

. . . I’m just doing it for the dubious reward of WordPress telling me “Wow! You’re on a (insert number of days) streak!” That’s no reason to post something . . . it’s robbing me of my self-respect and not respecting my readers (few as they are) . . . I deleted the photos I had hastily prepared and went back to doing research on carry ammunition, both to reaffirm that my choice suited my purpose and to ensure the new weapons I purchased would also find the ammunition suitable.

Ultimately, I’ll have to shoot a couple of boxes to confirm accuracy and proper function, but the research narrows the options (there are many, many options). Yes, I plan a post on ammunition choices for my guns. But, for now . . .

Air Force Armament museum,

. . . more planes processed in Topaz Impression 2 and Studio 2!

I’m enjoying revisiting old photos and processing them with new tools. For one, it brings new life to photos that were (perhaps) not optimally shot. For another, I’d gone away from using some of the older Topaz plugins and it’s nice keeping in practice.

As I’m writing this, I hear lots of explosions outside . . . pretty large and loud explosions. On any other day, I’d be concerned about what might be going on out there. Even so, I’m pretty sure what’s being set off is not within the bounds of what’s legal in Illinois. It’s probably within the bounds of what’s legal in neighboring states, and as we’re only an hour or so away in any direction from said states, people probably took a few day trips to load up on proper explosive materials for blowing up their hands or burning a neighbors landscaping.

. . . one of the things I’ll be worried about tomorrow night since I won’t be home until well after dark (and peak ‘let’s blow something up!’ time).

Air Force Armament museum,

Once more, these photos are all from our 2014 visit to Navarre, Florida. These planes are all from the Air Force Armament Museum outside displays (LINK).

Planes from the previous SDS reminder post were from the same static displays.

The original size versions of these photos are in THIS<<link SmugMug Gallery, but you can still click on these photos to get a slightly larger version to open in a new tab or window.

Air Force Armament museum,

Here’s my standard Block Editor Admonition. Lest people think I’m just being an obstinate jerk, I’m spending an extra ten minutes rebuilding all the links in the post because I had to kill the editor and, in the process, the links got messed up. Meaning, if you click on something and you’re not getting what you think you should get, let me know and — after we both curse the editor — I’ll try and fix the problem.

. . . and yes, I can be an obstinate jerk, but this isn’t one of those times, honest!

Here’s another thing the editor started doing . . . when I hit “Preview” to check what the post will look like, I get the message “Ooops! That page can’t be found.

I then have to go to my Dashboard, bring up the drafts, and check the preview by clicking “preview” under the draft of this post. Like I said . . . everything about this editor is designed to increase the amount of time it takes to do a post. And this isn’t even a big long post.

Some will suggest I should report the bug . . . Nope. Nothing I’ve reported has been fixed, and I don’t want to add to their To-Do list until, you know, they’re actually working on the To-Do list.

Anyway, as always . . .

Warning: the Block Editor is still a pain to work with and can cause stress levels to spikes. Use with caution. Avoid if possible.

Air Force Armament museum,

I’m mentioned that I’m getting back into exercising after a forced hiatus and I’m happy that I was able to get back up to my usual routine and weights levels relatively quickly. Well, almost . . . I’m not rowing to the level that I was before, but I’m getting there.

. . . but, it takes effort to motivate myself into doing stuff. It shouldn’t because of my stated aim of — if I make it that long — being able to do stuff for myself at age 90.

The thing is, getting out of shape is really easy . . . as easy as adding a few pounds every year. But, more important than the weight gain (although related) is the loss of strength and flexibility. Maintaining strength and flexibility is a real problem as we age, if for no other reason than it’s a lot easier to sit and eat than it is to move around and lift weights.

I’m sure I’ll have many regrets ‘later’ but I try and work at losing my mobility and independence not being one of them. 

Air Force Armament museum,

Anyway, if at all interested in reading three tales about lust, you now know where to find them (and where to vote for the one you like best or hate least).

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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