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October 2017 Flowers in Black and White

This will truly be a short post . . . a couple of photos and a gallery at the bottom of the post. I’ve added the B&W shots to the original SmugMug gallery HERE where one can get down to the … Continue reading

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October 2017 Flowers and the Nikon P900

On any given year, readers of this blog would be treated to a slew of flower photos in posts that span the timeframe between June and October. That was the case for most years of this blog’s existence with the … Continue reading

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More shooting the Moon

Too much going on for anything but a quick post. In this case, a quick treatment of the full Moon I shot on July 9th of this year.  The P900 continues to surprise and frustrate me. I can and often … Continue reading

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Doors for Monochrome Madness

Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness — a weekly offering of monochrome images submitted by multiple photographers — has a theme on the first week of each month. For the first Thursday of October (MM 4-22), it’s “Door or Doors.”  Some of … Continue reading

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Bagel and Muffin Faces

People who follow me might be familiar with my interest in pareidolia. That’s the propensity to make up words that sound filthy.  I kid . . . it’s the propensity to resolve random patterns into familiar objects. In my case, faces. … Continue reading

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Deep Dream Generator — The Animal Files

I could be losing it, but I thought I posted the animal files already . . . but I can’t find the post. Man, I hate getting old. Sure, there’s the excitement of everything being new again as the memory … Continue reading

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Another Quick Deep Dream Post – more textures

Still using my phone for these posts. Not the easiest way to do this, but doable.  Continuing with the Deep Dream textures, I’ll present a few more results of my experiments with mixing two separate photos in Deep Dream. Because … Continue reading

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