Once again, time got the better of me. Well, OK, not time . . . stuff. Stuff is always coming up and robbing me of time and, by association, the chance to complete my plans.

You see, I wanted to write something for Halloween. I even started a story . . . a buddy story of two cops, one real, one a ghost, pulling Halloween duty . . . I had written this a few days ago and then . . . stuff.

~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~

“I hate Halloween,” Jim said and sipped his pumpkin spice latte. Seeing as he was alone in his squad car, Jim wasn’t expecting an answer, hence why he spilled half his coffee as a voice right next to his ear disagreed with him.

“Oh, it’s not so bad,” the voice said.

“Aahhgh!” Jim exclaimed, half out of surprise and a half at the scalding coffee landing uncomfortably high up on his thigh.

Recovering, he turned around, thinking someone has snuck into the back seat of the squad car, but the back seat was empty. No . . . an area of slight luminescence was floating just behind the steel lattice separating the back seat from the front.

The luminescence brightened a bit and drifted through the barrier and settled on the front seat. It kept brightening until it took a vaguely humanoid form.

“I’d asked you not to do that!” Jim said as he grabbed some napkins and tried to absorb as much of the rapidly cooling coffee from his pants and the seat. “This is going to look like I peed on myself!”

. . . specifically, this field.

That’s an unedited photo from the Nikon P900 of a field in the Crab Orchard Lake Wildlife Refuge.  It was an overcast day with intermittent rain (it wasn’t raining when I snapped this). I think I mentioned it before that my sole purpose in snapping this and other photos was to see what famous painters could do with them. 

Edward Hopper

Of course, that’s an easy one . . . what would someone do with an out of focus photo?

This is the last post documenting our escape from the mainland (Colorado) via a convoluted route to San Diego. As a reminder, here be the map of our travels. 

Monument to San DiegoI’ve documented our visits to Hoover Dam and the Giant Sequoias, and I now turn my camera’s eye to Joshua Trees National Park, not to be confused with The Joshua Tree.

I’m not sure what I expected — aside seeing Joshua Trees — but it was pretty much what I imagined.