Fields and Fur (and more) — Nikon D7500

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As mentioned in the title, these are all Nikon D7500 photos. This is a companion post to the similar post showcasing the Note 20 Ultra photos (LINK) of the same subjects. All of these are added to the same SmugMug gallery so anyone interesting in comparing shots should go there. 

Although, the shots are probably not comparable because they are shot at different zooms.

Plus, there’s additional stuff here. And also, less stuff (I didn’t use the Nikon to capture any of the wheat fields I saw).   But before I proceed . . . Happy Fourth of July.

That was recorded at the top of Pikes Peak in 2014 using my then Note II. The Note II tragically died in 2017, but as you can see, it did a good job of recording this video. God mentions aside, it’s a nice song although I’m more partial to the song that I missed them singingand more appropriate for Pikes Peak — America The Beautiful.

I don’t see the above as appropriate for the 4th of July but since I don’t have the Star Spangled Banner recorded, that’s all I can offer. 

Anyway, back to Illinois landscapes.

Neither the phone photos nor the DSLR photos really gave me the “look” that I wanted for crops in a geometric pattern, despite me trying a number of zooms and compositions (which ended up looking all the same).

But, the squirrel photos were of a higher quality with the D7500 . . . as expected.

This little stinker messed up the opportunity to photograph a toadstool. Look at these next two photos (they are from the phone and not that great).

Do you see it?

I always thought toadstools are poisonous (at least to humans — LINK) but I have to assume that large a squirrel has eaten its share of them and it seems perfectly fine. Anyway, he jumped off, picked it up, and ate it. I swear it was gloating. I’m doing a gallery because you can scroll through it fast and “watch” as it eats.

OR . . . you can watch the poor quality movie I shot . . .

The interesting thing with capturing a high-quality movie is that I can pull frames from it . . . and they’re almost as good as actual photos (sometimes, better).

I should mention that this was at the Fort Daniels Conservation Area in Decatur, Illinois (LINK).

One other thing . . . as I was driving out, I finally got a semi-decent photo of an Indigo Bunting (a breeding male). He wasn’t as bright as shown in this LINK because it was in deep shade. I tried five times to get a photo, and each time it flew off as I got near . . . except for the last time. Not a great photo, but I’ll take it.

I was pleased with this photo because I had to manually focus due to the branch right in front of him.

Here’s the gallery of the above . . .

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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