Alphabet stories — two days remaining.

The voting for the best of The Alphabet Challenge “S” Stories poll continues to be close. This either means the stories are near-equally good . . . or near-equally bad. 

Regardless of who wins this round, it’s nice to see a close race. For them keeping track, there are two more days before this round’s voting closes in two days.  

If you are a reader of our stories and have a strong opinion about which of the stories you liked the best (or disliked the least), and if you participate in the poll, thank you in advance. Links to the stories and the poll for the “Alphabet Challenge S-Stories” are HERE(link) Votes will be accepted until noon on November 8th.

I’m going to post a few “Westernized” photos. I mean, the post-processing is such that it gives the photos a “Western” look (or so I imagine).

Colorado scenery - fence and some red rocks
. . . Don’t know if I succeeded. I mean, the photos are all of Western scenery (Colorado), but I don’t know if these conform to people’s idea of Western paintings  . . .

Colorado Red Rocks hill
Having lived in ‘The West’, I know it to be fairly diverse. This next ‘painting’ is of the headwaters of the Rio Grande(link) . . .

I imagine these railroad tracks have seen their share of train heists.

If you want to see the originals of these photos-turned-into-paintings, they’re HERE(link).

Anyway, so far, I’m reasonably content with the theme and the way it displays content, and this theme is a strong contender for being the look of the blog going forward.

Stay safe out there . . . it’s likely many days will be drastic . . . stay safe out there.

Here are a couple of links to other (older) posts for anyone wanting to check out how this theme does with previous content:

Mount Baker – WA (link)
Sunlight at night (link)  (just what it sounds like)

Link to the SmugMug Gallery HERE(link).

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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