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Preview of things to come; soon, I hope.

I’ve kept pretty busy . . . rather, being a homeowner has kept me pretty busy. Still, I had the opportunity (I took the opportunity) to snap a few photos . . . like, maybe 400 photos or so . … Continue reading

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Yes, still here.

For them wondering if I’m done with the blog . . . nope! Still here, in spirit if not in substance.  I’m still snapping the occasional photo or two but — truth be told — not that many since my … Continue reading

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Heartbeat Post

Did I mention that I’m busy? Gotz lots on my mind, I do. When I want to unwind, I come here. Doing something, even as banal as publishing a quick post, has a way of recentering me. Not always, but … Continue reading

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Looking back at 2018 – January Through March

*** WARNING – many, many photos below mean this post might be slow loading for them with spotty internet connections. If still interested, go grab a coffee as this loads. If you don’t drink coffee, consider waxing the car or … Continue reading

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Correction – My previous post

I made a mistake in posting the last update . . . I had copied a post and forgot to change the title before posting it.  Rather than have two different posts with the same titles, I renamed the post … Continue reading

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Looking back to 2018 — The Media

So, how good was 2018 for photographs? Well, here’s the first posted graphic of 2019. Not photos per se . . . these were calendars I did for 2018. It’s one of Panos FX (free) actions. I didn’t have time … Continue reading

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Going into the new year – maintenance post

A recent post by someone I follow had me look at my blog stats.  I seldom look at my numbers any more so I was a bit surprised. These were the top posts for 2018. Of my top ten most … Continue reading

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