MidJourney — The Hummingbird Files Redux

NOTE: WordPress is messing with my embedded photos, as in not showing them or showing a broken link. They are looking into it, but I figured I would try to duplicate the last post in case the issue is specific to that post. HOWEVER …should the issue continue, my apologies. You can still see all the photos in the slideshow linked at the bottom of the post (I hope). Sorry for the inconvenience.

It turns out the fault was mine for not realizing photos in a private SmugMug gallery would retain their privacy setting even when moved to another gallery. All Photos should now show up both below and in the gallery.

So, now, this is a duplicate of the previous post. You can read it again or just ignore it.

Yes, more AI digital art . . . if not interested, you can perhaps read more of my early fiction (HERE).

I doubt anyone will actually go do that, but I at least offer readers an alternative to this post.

So, what are we looking at today? Well, it’s no secret I like hummingbirds. I’d briefly considered a hummingbird for my avatar (I might have called the blog Colibrí Flight). Had I gone ahead with that blog, what might that avatar look like? Perhaps something like this . . .

Hmm . . . not sure about that . . . a bit too stark, methinks. How about . . .

Not sure I like it off-center. Plus, a bit busy. Maybe something like this:

I don’t know . . . it has a zombie-like vibe to it. Although, I used to have a zombie avatar, so that’s not out of the realm of consideration.

Now we’re getting someplace! . . . almost makes me want to start that blog!

. . . but, no; one blog that almost no one reads is enough, thank you very much.

Those are as output from MidJourney and processed with Paper Artist, and if I were to use them, I’d have to clean them up and simplify them a bit.

By the way, I tried using MidJourney to generate a nifty new logo for Disperser Tracks . . .

None appealed. Besides, I’ve grown fond of my current avatar, so I’ll stick with it for a while.

Anyway, where did those candidates for hummingbird avatars come from?

Well, I’d given MidJourney the following prompt:

Hummingbird in space, realistic, star background, high details, iridescent, sci-fi, 4K, photo-illustration, photorealism, liquid metal, glass

For them not familiar, the MidJourney AI engine generates four concepts. From there, you can ‘upscale’ any or all of the four, get variations based on any or all of the four, or ask for a different four. This is what the prompt returned . . .

Of course, I had to upscale all four . . .

I like the concept, but I’m not sure a hummingbird farting flammable gas is a good optic.

I have to give props to the AI for incorporating colors galore, textures galore, and the hummingbird into a visually interesting offering.

This one would likely make the best logo, but I also like the last one (except for the empty eye socket) . . .

OK, it’s not empty, but combined with the warped beak, it definitely gives the rendering a ‘zombie vibe’.

Of course, me being me, I had to play with those in one of my apps, and, in this case, it was Paper Artist on my Samsung Note 20. The first four monochrome versions were also from Paper Artist.

Who knows? . . . maybe I’ll play with these some more.

As usual, you can click on the above images for larger versions, and here’s the slideshow for THIS gallery of images.

Slideshow of the above photos.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below


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