I wanted something for my December calendars, and the prompt was simple: winter oil painting owls. Above, is the first of four images MidJourney Version 4 generated. We’ll get to the others in a moment, but first, a bit about how I use the tool.

I process the initial version (above) through Topaz GigaPixel, doubling the resolution, removing some noise, and increasing the sharpness. This, then, is the result of that manipulation:

Unless you click on it, you wouldn’t know it’s twice as big as the first version, but you should notice it’s “cleaner and sharper” . . . unless you’re reading this on a phone or other small screen. In that case, the difference probably isn’t noticeable.

By the way, I linked large images . . . they might load slowly unless you have decent Internet service. It probably won’t help that this is a long post. If you want only the images, scroll down to the bottom and run the slideshow.

You might wonder why I bother with using GigaPixel to increase the size and improve the image . . . it’s because I like the initial rendering, and I know that the MidJourny upscaled version will not be the same. Here’s the MidJourney upscaled version of the first image:

Perhaps that’s closer to what an oil painting might look like, I don’t know, but the features are not as smooth. Mind you, it’s still an impressive image, but not — to my eyes — the same as the original. By enlarging and cleaning up the original, I now have two large images, both of which I like.

Once upscaled by MidJourney, I typically have it ‘remaster’ the image. In this case, the remastering gave me this:

I wanted to show this because it’s a lead-in to discussing these tools.

Last month of the year, and I’m actually on time offering up a calendar.

I used to do monthly calendars, but I discontinued the practice beginning of 2016. The last monthly calendar I posted before this year was for December 2015.

This is the December 2022 Calendar I created at the beginning of the year (actually, at the end of last year).

Really, I don’t expect anyone — in this digital assistant age — to actually use a paper calendar (although many still do; they get them for free at banks and other places) . . .

Readers might wonder about the title. Well, let me mansplain.

For them who don’t often read my posts (the overwhelming majority of the Known Universe), I posted a few AI Generated graphics back at the end of last month. Appropriately enough, they were all about Halloween (HERE).

But I left out the Dream by WOMBO offerings. Not intentionally, mind you. I just hadn’t run them yet.

“So why show them now? And you still haven’t told us about the title.”

Impatient, a bit, Bob? Well, let me finish mansplaining.

It’s weird!

What’s weird?”

I don’t even read steampunk fiction, and yet many of the AI Art concepts I try get the ‘steampunk’ tag added to them. I think in part it’s because the AI comes up with interesting contraptions made of interesting metal stuff. Then, given a rendering, you can ask for a remastering of the rendering.

So, for instance, take the above . . . here is the prompt I used:

steampunk camera highly detailed intricate cinematic scene, photorealistic high-contrast 8k UHD

I get the above, and then I can do upscale the individual images and remaster them . . .

In my previous post about Crystal Balls (HERE), I mentioned that MidJourney’s offerings merited their own post. In part, that’s because there are many images, and it would have made that post way too long. But also, in my opinion, they merit their own showcase, unencumbered by other renderings.

A bit of a background about the way MidJourney AI generator works; you give it a prompt, and it generates four images. Those images are of low resolution, and just give you an idea of what it interpreted from your prompt. Here are some examples of them.

This post has been scheduled ahead of time since my internet presence will be sporadic over the next ten days or so . . . and, yes, more AI Art Generators creations . . . of spaceships! Maybe even one we might recognize.

Here are some of the terms I used in these prompts, although the prompts were not exactly the same for the different AI Art Generators (DALL-E, Dream, MidJourney, and NightCafe):

Steampunk, spaceship, in space, in city, 3d shading, hyperrealistic, 4K uhd, hyperdetailed, photorealism, copper, crystal.

So, let’s begin with DALL-E. I asked for spaceships in space, because, apparently, if you don’t specify space, there’s nothing to indicate these ships are in space. Heck, even when you ask, you can’t always determine we’re in space . . . we might be underwater, for all I know.

As near as I can tell, this is an early Borg design, before they figured out cubes — green cubes — are all the rage. The DALL-E generator has a definite look to its creations . . . but then, so do the other AI Generators. Anyway, to continue . . .

This post has been scheduled ahead of time since my internet presence will be sporadic over the next ten days or so . . . and, yes, more AI Art Generators creations . . . dinosaur creations, no less!

Here are some of the terms I used in these prompts, although the prompts were not exactly the same for the different AI Art Generators (DALL-E, Dream, MidJourney, and NightCafe):

Steampunk, Mechanical, T-Rex, in city, 3d shading, hyperrealistic, 4K uhd, hyperdetailed, photorealism, copper, Michelangelo.

So, let’s begin with DALL-E. I asked for a Michelangelo rendering of a mechanical T-Rex . . . obviously, Michelangelo put very little effort toward making these striking . . .

I think I might be able to conjure up something like that just by doodling. The next one is a little better . . .

So, rather than writing my story for the challenge, working on my photos, or doing anything productive, I occasionally return to playing with AI Art Generators.

I’m old, you see, so I don’t feel the push (or pull) to achieve anything in particular. After all, it’s all I can do just to put on my pants in the morning without falling over . . . most mornings, at least.

So, when the mood strikes, I do what the mood wants, and today, I wanted to share balls; crystal balls.

For these AI Art Generators renderings, the prompts contained words like crystal ball (occasionally misspelled as balll), dystopian, realistic, copper, detailed, and so on. I ran those with both cyberpunk and steampunk qualifiers, and I’ll begin with the cyberpunk renderings.

As I’ve been doing in these posts, I open with the renderings from Dream by WOMBO.

Yes, more AI-Generated art. For the few who might not know what is meant by Steampunk . . . well, you can click on THIS LINK. Basically, imagine no electricity and everything powered by steam. So, for instance, you could still have computers (HERE) but not run by electricity.

I ran a number of prompts on all four AI Art Generators (DALL-E, Dream by WOMBO, MidJourney, and NightCafe). Understand, there may be more AI Art Generators, but these are the ones I’m currently playing with.

The prompts ran from simple to more complex, and some incorporated other stuff besides ‘Steampunk Computers’ such as: drawn by Michelangelo, in the desert, made of copper, and some I currently don’t remember.

For instance, this was Dream’s concept of a steampunk computer as drawn by Michelangelo.

Dream By WOMBO

As we’ll see later, quite a different interpretation from MidJourney.

Just a quick post because it got late as I was playing with more AI Art Generators.

Yes, I wasted time I should have spent writing, but I had a good reason. I had credits that were expiring in a few days, and I didn’t want to waste them, so, first up, MidJourney.

But what prompt to give? Obviously, “robots playing chess in a desolate landscape“.

Well, that didn’t go so well, now, did it?

NOTE: WordPress is messing with my embedded photos, as in not showing them or showing a broken link. They are looking into it, but I figured I would try to duplicate the last post in case the issue is specific to that post. HOWEVER …should the issue continue, my apologies. You can still see all the photos in the slideshow linked at the bottom of the post (I hope). Sorry for the inconvenience.

It turns out the fault was mine for not realizing photos in a private SmugMug gallery would retain their privacy setting even when moved to another gallery. All Photos should now show up both below and in the gallery.

So, now, this is a duplicate of the previous post. You can read it again or just ignore it.

Yes, more AI digital art . . . if not interested, you can perhaps read more of my early fiction (HERE).

I doubt anyone will actually go do that, but I at least offer readers an alternative to this post.

So, what are we looking at today? Well, it’s no secret I like hummingbirds. I’d briefly considered a hummingbird for my avatar (I might have called the blog Colibrí Flight). Had I gone ahead with that blog, what might that avatar look like? Perhaps something like this . . .

Hmm . . . not sure about that . . . a bit too stark, methinks. How about . . .

Not sure I like it off-center. Plus, a bit busy. Maybe something like this: