Videos instead of stories

We had tentatively scheduled posting the Round 6 stories (It’s A Wonderful Life) today, but that’s now likely for tomorrow evening or Monday morning. One writer is traveling, another is not ready . . . and, in a first, I’m actually done ahead of time.

I can say with confidence that very few people will like my story (even fewer than usual, if that’s even possible) . . . but you’ll have to wait until I publish it to judge for yourself.

Instead, today, I share a few recently recorded videos. Normally, I use the P900 for video recording because it’s a little easier, but these videos were shot with the D7500. They were shot in 4K, but I downsampled them for publication. I mean, if they were amazing, I probably would have posted them at 4K, but these are just casual captures.

I’d recently showed photos of the bald Northern Cardinal. As mentioned, I was worried about the bird (it may actually be multiple birds), but it turns out he’ll be fine, and the feathers will regrow. The video shows the cardinal eating some shelled peanuts I throw out. Note how it breaks off small pieces and then chews them pretty thoroughly. I don’t know if this is out of habit (the process looks similar to when it’s shelling seeds), or if it needs to soften the peanut before swallowing it.

I notice some birds will drop the peanut halves into the water and eat them after they’ve softened for a bit. Birds be smart . . .

Of course, some critters have the teeth for gnawing at their food.

Just look at that lower mandible go!

Sometimes I have as many as five squirrels that come and vacuum food up. They are especially good at clearing unshelled peanuts. They grab them and run off into the yard to bury them . . . and a few have worked out how to grab two at once.

These are all younger squirrels, but we used to have an older one that could grab three at once.

Sometimes they dine in before taking some food to go . . .

We’re still having a fair amount of hummingbirds at the feeders (on some days, they go through as much as a half gallon of sugar solution).

I have more videos to share, but not yet, not yet.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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