OK, OK, I think I’ve worked out how to fool the caca Block Editor into giving me as little trouble as possible . . . so this is not so much about using Vimeo (although I am, in fact, using Vimeo) as showcasing the Nikon D7500 timelapse feature.

For them not familiar with timelapse, let me explain. You take time, uh, you see, and, uh, you, like, lapse it.

But, how do you do that, oh mighty Timelord?

Well, Bob, you begin with a piece of time, and you slice it up. You then throw some slices away and keep others. For instance, take ten minutes . . . in ten minutes, there are about 600 seconds. What you do, you see, is keep every tenth second, and throw the rest away (or give them to someone in need; there are a lot of people claiming to have no time).

Following the difficulties of my last Vimeo videos publishing effort, I tweaked the settings on the Vimeo side of things to see if it will improve my experience here. The thing is, I’m starting with wide-open everything, and that’s not what I want.

What I want is to restrict where videos can be embedded and only visible to people with links. Unfortunately, about half the time WordPress’s Vimeo block pisses all over my efforts. So, I’m trying settings I really don’t want to see if I can cajole the caca Block Editor into playing nice.