Hummingbirds 2022 — Part 4: hummers in the rain

Per the title, below I offer up photos of hummingbirds in the rain.

When I walk in the rain (usually because I’m caught in it, not because I’m wont to do so, no matter how attractive it sounds), I don’t perceive much distance between raindrops . . . but a hummingbird’s perception is much different.

True, this rain was not a deluge by any stretch of the imagination. Still . . .

. . . even in moderately heavy rain, I don’t see the birds getting hit by many drops. They are, after all, tiny things.

Here, you see a sneaky raindrop hitting the plastic and trying to nail the bird from a different angle.
Undaunted by sneaky raindrops, our brave hummer soldiers on!
. . . and on . . .
. . . and on.

Sometimes, it’s misting, and the drops form on the feeder as opposed to dropping from the sky.

. . . and even on the forehead of some birds.
It amazes me that it stays on there even as he moves around . . .
No, wait . . . it’s gone.
It’s enough to make one’s hair … er … feathers stand on end!
“Are you making fun of my hair … er … feathers?”

Here, it looks like a raindrop is about to nail this fellow right in the back of the neck!

Next up, is a trio of photos of one bird.

We now come to my favorite part . . . finding the hummingbird!

OK, that was probably too easy, so lemme do another . . . but I’ll lead up to it. First, a bird on a wire.

Then, the obligatory slideshow . . .

Here is the slideshow for this series: LINK.

Lastly, I finish with one of my favorite activities. A slightly less easy ‘find the hummingbird’ photo!

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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