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I used to do whole posts showcasing photos from our visits to various antique shops. I still have a lot of unprocessed photos, but some are redundant, some are ho-hum, and some deserve a post of their own.

The latter is the basis for my decision to do a series called “Just Stuff”.

It will be a series of unrelated photos that might have, or might not have been treated with various effects and enhancements. Some are fairly straight forward. Some will take a shot at making people laugh . . . or at least smile.

Basically, they are photos that caught my eye, and I played with them to present and preserve them here. They will also be added to THIS GALLERY in SmugMug as each post is published.

The Photo In This Post

Many of the antique stores we visit have vintage cartoons and drawings.

Some of these drawings and cartons would be considered politically correct in this time of human history.

The above drawing is a mild example . . . Note she is tying her high heel shoes. I have never seen high heel shoes with laces. High heel boots, maybe, but those are just plain high heels.

This next one is perhaps a bit racier . . . but, you know, I fail to see the humor in what is a potential mauling situation.


Other drawings suggested more . . .


Those are postcards from 1928. They are, in case it’s not obvious, full of double entandres. The idea, apparently, is to entice people (men) to come visit the place. The implied reason is the friendliness of the locals (experienced and obviously willing females).

I believe a similar model is these days used to attract people (men) to Las Vegas. To be fair, there are also ads implying women can visit Vegas to have a “good time” without worrying about word of their antics getting back to the folks back home.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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