Hummingbirds 2022 — Part 5: more hummers in the rain

Per the title, below I offer up photos of more hummingbirds in the rain.

. . . but that’s not how I’m starting. Not only is there no rain, but you also have to find the hummingbird.

It’s not especially difficult . . . once you see it.

OK, let me get on with rainy hummers . . .

In human terms — and as far as the yard was concerned — it was raining pretty good. Now, this guy was guarding the feeder by sitting right on top of it and chasing away any hummers that dared get close.

He held a curious pose, and I think it’s because he was tired and — as we might infer later — was trying to catch a few winks.

. . . the two photos look similar, but upon close inspection, you can see the raindrops are not the same.

But, before continuing with that fellow, I’ll show a little series with another fellow. The markings by his eyes look similar to the first guy, but — to my eyes — it’s not the same white spot between the two birds.

My opinion holds about 98% certainty, but I suppose they could be the same bird. You be the judge once you see all the photos.

Anyway, this bird was trying to perch in a strategic area that would let him keep an eye on — and control — multiple feeders.
All was going well . . .
. . . until he started slipping . . .
. . .and continued slipping.

He momentarily regained purchase and did his best ‘keeping guard’ imitation.

. . . look front . . .
Look to the left . . .
No, wait . . . it’s slipping again.
AARGH . . . That’s not how the feet go!
OK, I got the hang of this!

But he didn’t, and he kept adjusting his position.

Why can’t I get a hang of this!?
I think I’ll perch over here. It’s a much better spot.

Let’s get back to the other hummer, for a few moments . . .

Mine! This is all MINE!
Wait . . . do I hear or see usurpers to this throne?
I don’t see anything . . . probably just the wind.
I’m going to catch 40 … er … 250 winks.
Wait . . . I hear a flutter of bird wings!
It’s some youngsters!
Keep off my feeder, you durn kids!

I guess old folks be all alike regardless of what species they are.

But, it’s once again time to find the hummingbird . . . two in one post!

Then, the obligatory slideshow . . .

Here is the slideshow for this series: LINK.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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