Firefly – Mal’s Gun – Frontier Model B

Mal: "Now you can luxuriate in a nice jail cell, but if your hand touches metal, I swear by my pretty floral bonnet I will end you." From: "Our Mrs. Reynolds" Firefly Episode
Mal: “Now you can luxuriate in a nice jail cell, but if your hand touches metal, I swear by my pretty floral bonnet I will end you.”
From: “Our Mrs. Reynolds” Firefly Episode

One of Firefly’s descriptions is “Cowboys in space”. It’s only fitting, then, that Mal’s gun gave a nod to sidearms of the past. And QMx once again did a fine job of coming up with something for fans to get a hold of, and handle.

Actually, they produced two versions of the gun. The first was a limited edition (which I missed) stunt pistol replica, and the second is their current metal plated pistol replica, the version shown above and in subsequent photos. There was another limited “keepsake” version, but as it was a 1/3 scale model, I was not interested.

The gun arrived in a box that was made to look like a pistol case.

Mal's Gun, Mal's Gun,

I’ve shown the schematics of the gun in one of the previous posts, but here it is again.

firefly stuff,

Frankly, the pistol does not look like it could function as indicated. It certainly does not function like that in the series. It does, however, make a funky and somewhat cute electronic/motor/servo sound when it’s used in the show. Difficult to explain, but I suppose they wanted to make it both a throwback to the old six-shooters and be futuristic.

Mal's Gun,

It’s no secret I like guns, but I’m also an engineer (some would argue the point), and given the choice, I’d pick a different gun as my sidearm.

This is not a slam on the model. QMx, as I’ve stated before, does good works.

Mal's Gun,

I suspect it’s a tad lighter than the actual gun (if there were one) since it’s made of resin, and I don’t care for the placement of the handle. It’s not that it’s uncomfortable to hold, but I suspect it would be uncomfortable to shoot. Then again, the balance of the gun is probably off since, you know, it’s not a real gun.

Mal's Gun,

Mal's Gun,

Like I said, the model itself is pretty good, and the only flaw I found, while a tad aggravating, is not a big deal since, you know, it’s not a real gun.

Mal's Gun,

Do you see it? The faux-wood handle is not flush with the spine of the gun. Were that a real gun, it would surely chew up your hand something fierce.

But, really, for the price it’s a fine thing to have since, as you know, it’s not a real gun. I would have preferred the limited edition, but for my use (display only, not cosplay) this is more than enough.

Of course, one could use it for cosplay, but it’s supposedly not as durable as the limited edition.

 I’ve enlisted the use of a manly hand to show both the scale and fit of the gun . . . 

Mal's Gun,

As can be seen, it comes with a display stand . . .

Mal's Gun,

Here’s a few more shots, and as usual, one can click on the images for larger versions, or go to the SmugMug Gallery HERE for the full-size photos.

Mal's Gun, Mal's Gun, Mal's Gun, Mal's Gun, Mal's Gun,

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