Title Writing Prompt Challenge — Round 5 title

In response to meager voter participation — and after much discussion (almost five minutes worth) — the writers decided to modify the process of selecting titles for each round of the challenge. Rather than asking readers to vote for a title, we’ll take turns selecting titles.

While I know — and appreciate — that a few regular readers consistently vote, the fact is that I have to publish reminders and ride herd on the process, and the results are still less than hoped for.

Let’s face it . . . I’m just not good at engaging readers. Other than, of course, some long-term readers, and even there, there are fewer old-timers hanging around the place than there used to be. New readers? Not so much.

Please, don’t take this as me complaining. Life is complicated and, especially these days, very dynamic, often not in good ways.

Really, it’s all I can do to remain loyal to the blog, and it’s my blog.

It’s already a struggle getting people to vote for the actual stories each round (BTW, for the current round, you can do that HERE). I don’t need to add pile another obligation on my readers or tax my time more than it is.

Sooo . . . the writers will take turns choosing titles for the challenges. By agreement, they must choose from existing titles of semi-popular books and/or movies (nothing too obscure). Gary is going first, then Perry for Round 6, then me for Round 7, then rinse and repeat.

Without further delay, the title — submitted by Gary — for Round 5 is:


The title comes from the movie of the same name.

The object is not for the writers to duplicate or adapt the original work, but rather to write a unique story using that title. As usual, it can be about anything and of any genre of the writer’s choosing.

The writers have a deadline of three weeks — July 27th — to submit a story, after which the stories will be published here for readers to peruse.

Here’s the original of the above variations. Again, this is a mix of a few photos.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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