The SDS Challenge — Results of “Wrath” Voting Round

The SDS “Wrath” voting round has come to an end.

Here’s the updated logo . . .

If you want to know more about the SDS challenge, THIS Post <<link explains it.

If you want to read the Seven Deadly Sins stories submitted for the Sin of Wrat
h and see the results of the vote, THIS POST <<link is what you want to visit.

But, I know few people will bother with the link, so let me give you the links to the stories and the results of the voting.

Wrath stories (only three more sins to go).

Wrath Will Cost You (Parole) <<link
Writer: E. J. D’Alise
Word count: 2,785  words – approx. reading time: about 11 minutes based on 265 WPM

Liar, Liar <<link
Writer: Perry Broxson
Word count: 8,820  words – approx. reading time: about 33 minutes based on 265 WPM

Hell Hath No Wrath <<link
Writer: R. G. Broxson
Word count: 5,360  words – approx. reading time: about 20 minutes based on 265 WPM

And, here is the result of the poll:

While Gary took an early lead, the Perry Team came through and handed him an insurmountable lead and an easy victory.

Congratulations to Perry for the win and Gary for second place. I get to own third place but scored a personal best of five votes (apparently, one of Perry’s Peeps broke rank and voted for me — and I thank her for it).

One of these days, I’ll have to mount a serious challenge . . . maybe for the eighth sin.

We also broke the pattern of twenty-five votes. We came in one shy, and for a while — a long while — it looked as if we weren’t going to break into the twenties.

As previously mentioned, I don’t think this challenge is as popular as the Alphabet Challenge, and while we can contemplate the reasons for it, one conclusion that could be drawn is that — our loyal fans notwithstanding — we’re a few cards shy of a full talent deck.

The Envy stories should go up in the next few days . . . not having heard from the Twins, I’ve yet to start mine (but I have a couple of ideas).

Then again, I’m working on another project, so I don’t know if I’ll contribute anything. We’ll see.

By the way, those are some of my bagel faces . . . here are the two originals.

The Block Editor is still having issues (when doesn’t it?!?) so I don’t know how this post will look.

The original size versions of these Note 20 photos are in THIS<<link SmugMug Gallery, but you can still click on the photos above to get a slightly larger version in a new tab or window.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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