Quicker Than Quick Update and Cruisers XIX – The Details Part X

Quicker Than Quick Update

Holy triple crap on a jumbo size cracker . . . we survived our first of two moving sales. We did really well and already we can’t remember the majority of what we sold.

In the process, we met a lot of nice people. We also had a lot of requests for advance notice when we will have our next sale (in May). Also, lots of stuff was sold that was not yet offered at this sale (people who walked into the house to look at something and ended up calling dibs on stuff that will be for sale before we move). 

One of the benefits of what we are doing is that we’re not paying much attention to the news. Just as well since . . . 

November election

I mentioned that we met lots of nice people . . . except for two. Two people, a husband and wife, were immediately odious to me. Just based on their comportment, and before I heard them make disparaging comments both about the stuff we had and the people shopping there, I immediately disliked them. 

I can’t stand snobs and especially snobs that are also assholes (a surprising amount of crossover and overlap in the two categories). I so wanted to ask them to leave, but if I would have spoken to them, I would have engaged my other almost limitless talent . . . the one that is the complete opposite of charming. Funny thing, without me having to say anything, later that evening Melisa remarked how nice the people were . . . except for this one couple. Great minds think alike. 

One of the things with meeting people and charming them with my winning personality is that people assume I am like them. Many of the people I spoke to at length let something slip indicating they either were religious or wanted to pass themselves as such. 

I think, but I don’t know, that their positive response to my personality would take a hard left if they knew I was an atheist. It’s just the nature of the beast. One of the reasons I seldom go out of my way to make friends is that, invariably, the topic comes up. I have no problem interacting with religious folks, but neither do I shy from expressing my own views if they bring up the topic of religion. From experience, that has a tendency to limit further interaction. Something I don’t mind. 

By the way, I met two young men who were going to start college and were looking for stuff for the dorm. They picked up some things and when it came to paying, I told them they could have the items for free. They insisted on paying. I asked for a dollar. They offered to pay ten dollars. We negotiated for a bit and settled on five dollars (they had around fifteen dollars worth of stuff). 

They were not the only ones who offered me more money than I asked for. This one lady had looked at an item that was labeled as $75 dollars. She was not sure about it but told me she would think about it. After she left, I had offered it to someone for $50, but they passed on it. When she came back, she said she wanted the item and gave me $75 but I told her it was now $50 (it was still labeled $75). She then insisted on paying me more than the $50. We negotiated some more, settling on $55.

Those two instances restored a bit of faith in humanity. As many people probably know, I ain’t gots but little faith in the human race. Any increase, no matter how small, is a big deal.

. . . and now, on to cruisers details.


Cruisers Update XIX – The Details Part X

This is the last of the details series of the June 14, 2015, Tri-Lakes Vintage Car show.

I’m not identifying the various car makes and models these macros belong to because, as I’ve oft asserted and repeated, I ain’t no car guy. That said, one can perhaps determine the car associated with the macros below by reading previous posts or going to the SmugMug gallery and looking at the photos of cars, matching them to the macros. 


There is a SmugMug Gallery (HERE) for this, past, and future posts about this show. Also, you can click on the photos to open a larger version of the photo in a separate tab or window.

Obviously, the photo above and the next two are of the tractor that showed up near the end of the car photos series. 



The tractor was built by a guy named Peter . . . who can’t spell all that well. 

This next few are of the fire engine truck.


Ain’t it prutty? It also looks nice when you take this shot . . .  


. . . and convert it to B&W.


I also snapped a few details of the Greenbrier . . . 



I need to hurry up because I’m sleepy . . . 

This nice falcon made an appearance.




Some of the details are obvious, the make and model easily identifiable . . . 


Although, other features might also give it away.



I20150614_DSC0139_1_DSC0139_DIGI‘ll have a summary post, but, for now . . . 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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