Be traveling today

As much as we like being on the road, the one negative is a lack of proper internet connections. Also, not sleeping in our own bed. And, not having full access to foods we (me) are used to. Also, crappy coffee.

So, really, there are four things. Plus, being around more people. Especially, people in other cars. So, five things.

BUT . . . it also means my few entertainment options include playing with a few apps on my phone and leveraging their power to have my way with photos I’ve snapped these last few years and which have been patiently waiting for me to do them justice.

Photos like this one . . .


I can also play with some of my food faces. Like, for instance, take this . . .


. . . make this . . .


. . . and then make this . . .


By the way, driving through Kansas we went through one of the worst hail storms in our memory. No. Not one of the worst . . . the worst.

It sounded as if people were throwing rocks at the car. Not unusual, but these people don’t know me, so it had to have been hail.

The storm forced lesser drivers to pull over because of the poor visibility due to the wind-driven rain and fear of hydroplaning on the sheets of water flowing over the road. We sped past them with nary a thought, a testament to the capabilities of our Tahoe. Oh, and my driving skills.

Both impressive, although my passenger was less than thrilled with my professed driving abilities. I could not hear very well over the hail bombardment, and at first I thought she was cheering me on with “You go, guy!” and “That’s my man!”, but during a brief lull, I clearly heard “Oh god, oh god, we’re gonna die!”

I strange cheer, but I took it in stride as I applied more gas.

We lived.

Not only that, but we cleared the storm and surged ahead on an empty road ahead of us.

No damage to the car, but we were worried about it.

But back to photos . . .


The above is not, obviously, one of my food faces. But, I do like the looks of it.


Occasionally, like the above, food is just food. Those are two quarters of a waffle – a multigrain waffle – arranged for impact and modified with a few overlay effects. Also, powdered sugar atop maple syrup.

But, I do like faces . . . even glass faces.


You can do much with these . . .


One can even do artsy stuff.


Anyway, it’s late and we’re getting up early and then soldiering on to our destination.

Wait . . . one more . . . one of my doodles modified with Paper Artist.



p.s. the WordPress app still sucks. This post might look off, spacing might be haphazard, and the photos might not film the frame . . . not my fault.

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Odd guy with odd views living an odd life during odd times.
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19 Responses to Be traveling today

  1. seekraz says:

    Your venture through the hail reminds me of the divorce that I almost got after driving through the thickly falling snow and over slick roads at the Raton Pass in New Mexico…with little kids in the back seat….while pulling a trailer….etc….. I think she would have melted the tint on the windows if we had had any….

    Be safe in your travels…. :)


  2. Eddy Winko says:

    Driving through hail, pah! Driving through hail whilst editing photos, impressive.


    • disperser says:

      Close. Editing photos while (relatively) safe inside a motel room as another storm tagged outside. Then again, the Plains . . . tornado alley. Not super safe.


  3. Hell, glad you made it through the hail! That can be so scary! We could say that you’re one hell of a good hail driver! :-) Enjoy continued travels!
    Great pics! Oodles of faces and doodles…what fun! :-)
    One time we were driving down mountain roads, in December, and it was snowing, so I said, with great optimism, “Well, at least it’s not foggy!” Within a few miles it was foggy. So, I said, with great optimism, “Well, at least it’s not raining!” Within a few more miles it was raining. So, I said, with great optimism, “Well, at least it’s not hailing!” Within a few more miles it was hailing. So…He said, “Please don’t say anything else!” So, I said, “So, I shouldn’t mention earthquakes or tornadoes?!” He didn’t laugh. Hmm…
    Yes, I’m a fun travel companion! ;-) :-P
    HUGS!!! :-)


  4. oneowner says:

    I’m definetely gonna check out the Paper Artist app.


  5. Glad you made it through the hail storm without any damage. We had one here a few years back that damaged planes on the tarmac and caused hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage. I would have been one of the drivers on the side of the road.


    • disperser says:

      Thanks. I was not worried because the insurance would have totaled the car and saved me the effort of selling it.

      However, cars are sturdier than people think, plus this hail, while not small, was soft. Had it been hard ice, it would have cracked the windshield.


  6. sandra getgood says:

    Very glad you are both safe.


  7. AnnMarie says:

    We’re glad to know that you made it through the hail storm safe and sound . . . actually noise, to be more precise. So looking forward to seeing you two! Buon viaggio for the remaining leg . . . or tires, to be more precise.


  8. you made me smile!! But good luck with moving and all!


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