A Quick Hummers Post . . . .

I don’t have the time to edit them this evening, so, presented them as shot (remember to hit the HD if available on the upper right-hand corner of the video window), me and my hummers. 

For them interested, the first one is about 6-7 inches away.  The second one is a tad closer.  And yes, that is my hand; I was holding the phone with the other.  My neighbor was mowing the yard (8:30 in the evening!), so it mars the hummingbird sounds a tad.  

From one of the feeders in the front of the house . . .

And from one of the feeders on my deck (the action begins in earnest at about the minute mark; be patient) . . . .

I’ll try for better videos this weekend.

In case anyone is wondering, we are letting our lawn die off, planning to replace it with stuff that does not need as much water, like rocks.


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