A S-l-o-o-w Hummers Post . . . .

Probably all phones do, but my Note II takes both fast-motion and slow-motion videos.  

Fast-motion is not very useful for filming hummingbirds, but slow-motion is.

Mind you, this is not a Photron SA2 camera (make sure you switch to the 48op).

. . . or even a Phantom HD . . .

But, it’s still neat . . . once again, these are unedited videos of my feeders shot in slow-mo (see? I got the lingo down pat!)

The action is slowed down to 1/8 of normal speed; not enough to make the wings visible, but enough to see what they are doing during their battles.

Again, play in HD for the best results.  These videos are a little longer than yesterday, so if you are the impatient sort, you’ll miss interesting interaction between the hummers.

Hope it’s entertaining to see what I do these evenings.


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