Second Round 4 Title Stories voting reminder plus Photoshop Mix and Paper Artist Stuff

As a reminder, Round 4 of the Title Writing Prompt challenge closes at Noon, Tuesday, July 19th. That’s a week from today, so if you’ve been procrastinating, this is a gentle nudge to let you know tempus fugit. You can find the poll and stories links in THIS post if you have any inclination toward reading the stories and voting.

As is, the voting has stalled and it’s waiting for the last-minute surge we seem to always experience as we near the deadline.

Now, then . . . . Photoshop Mix.

For this post, I’m continuing the series from the last reminder — the combination of three photos; my backyard, a shot of some winter Aspens, and a photo I now don’t recall — and adding a fourth photo of a lattice, giving it a ‘looking out through a window’ look . . .

Then, I once again sent the above to my Paper Artist app . . . another app that’s no longer available but that’s hanging on to life on my phone.

And I did it multiple times . . .

In fact, I did it 12 times . . .

Now, I probably won’t share all the variants here, but I’ll have a slideshow below in addition to providing the link to the gallery (HERE).

The thing with Paper Artist is that there’s a limited number of effects, so as I keep sharing these, you’re going to start recognizing various ‘looks’ . . . so, my job is to mix them up . . .

Even when different, many of the effects resemble each other unless compared side-by-side . . . but some can be drastically different . . .

Anyway, a short slideshow of all the variants can be viewed by clicking HERE.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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