Hummingbirds 2022 — Part 3

A conversation between a female hummingbird and Larry; Larry T. Hummingbird, the Lounge Lizard.

“This looks like a likely spot to find the ladies!”

Dear male readers . . . here’s a primer on how not to pick up girls.

“I’m here, ladies! Prime hummer meat, right here; ready and willing.”
“Hmm …”
“Hmm …”
“Hmm …”
“Man, this place is dead!”
“Oh! Hello! What’s a nice bird like you doing on a feeder like this? Care to join me?”
“OK, but no funny stuff!”
“Hey, I’m a gentleman first and foremost!”
“Can I whisper in your ear?”
“No. Let’s just enjoy drinking.”
“Here, let me get the chair for you.”
“Chair? What’s a ‘chair’?”
“Just a figure of speech. Have a perch and a drink!”

“Hey, easy on that stuff. Mind your thighs.”
“My thighs? What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Well, I mean, you could probably stand to lose a few grams.”
“Oh, yeah? Well, you could stand to gain some manners! Goodbye and don’t follow me!”
“Hey, wait, don’t go! Let’s start over. I promise I won’t mention your thighs … or your rump!”

Larry is a lonely guy; he just can’t seem to hit it off with the ladies.

Here is the slideshow for this series: LINK.

Lastly, again, I finish with one of my favorite activities. Another easy ‘find the hummingbird’ photo!

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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