First Round 4 Title Stories voting reminder plus Photoshop Mix and Paper Artist Stuff

The Round 4 stories went live this past Tuesday. As a reminder, Round 4 of the Title Writing Prompt challenge closes at Noon, Tuesday, July 19th. You can find the poll and stories links in THIS post.

Now, then . . . . Photoshop Mix. As previously mentioned, the app was retired, but if you have on your phone, it will keep working. However, if Adobe takes their clues from Google, at some point they will deprecate it and make it unusable. Since I don’t know long it will keep working, I’m playing around with it a fair amount and generating stuff I can use in the future (saving the output as JPGs).

For this post, I’m using the combination of three photos; my backyard, a shot of some winter Aspens, and a photo I now don’t recall blended together to generate this . . .

Then, I sent the above to my Paper Artist app . . . another app that’s no longer available but that’s hanging on to life on my phone.

I have a few favorite effects, so I keep using them and then, but I should try to blend them to see that I get . . . maybe next time, but for now . . .

Think of Paper Artist like a limited Topaz Impression . . . it can create various looks that approximate various artistic painting styles.

It also approximates certain ‘looks’ that might be the result of applying filters . . .

It also does a pretty decent job of approximating pencil drawings . . .

I have a lot of these, but the next one is the last of this series.

For them who might want to look at these in SmugMug, this is the LINK. They’re not great photos, but then it wasn’t a great show.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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