Soaring Bald Eagle

Sometimes you get lucky and find yourself in the right place and at the right time.

Such was the case on the 25th . . .

Once in a while, we treat ourselves to a nice Italian sandwich (multiple cold cuts, provolone cheese, mayo, and small peppers on ciabatta bread), and we drive someplace to enjoy it. On that particular day, we were at the Crab Orchard Refuge.

As we sat eating, I noticed a bird rising from above the trees across the lake, and caught a flash of white as it soared and turned . . . an eagle.

As it circled, it looked like we might be in luck since its soaring was slowly drifting our way. And, sure enough, I had to put my sandwich down and grab the camera. It didn’t quite get right above us, but close enough.

Of course, he (she?) was still pretty high, so these are cropped to about 1/4th of the full-size shots.

In addition, the photos were shot at the maximum zoom of the lens (300mm or 450mm equiv.) against a bright sky. I had to do a bit of processing to bring out some details (thank FSM for RAW files).

It wasn’t above us long, and these are the best photos. I have more, but at farther away, and hence small even when cropped.

I could have enlarged some of the other photos, and I’ll probably play with them and GigaPixels, but for now, these eight will suffice.

Some might have noticed I’m not interacting as much (or posting as much) . . . been busy, plus the world isn’t exactly conducive to a good frame of mind.

But, I wanted to post these, and while I’m at it, remind readers of the two active polls for them who enjoy voting on stuff.

The first poll is to vote on the Round 3 stories submissions to the Alphabet Challenge (HERE).

The second poll is to choose the title for Round 4 of the challenge (voting closes on Sunday). The poll can be found in THIS post.

The small SmugMug gallery for the above is HERE. The photos are not much bigger, but bigger they are.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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