Please help choose the Round 4 Title

The voting to choose the Round 4 title was supposed to end today at noon . . . except we only got six votes and we have a tie. Worse, two of the votes are from Gary and Perry . . . so only four readers voted.

. . . and that’s piss-poor considering the post had 30 views since it went live a week ago (30 views for a post is also piss-poor given there are billions of people, but normal for my blog).

So, I’m extending the voting deadline to Noon on Monday, June 6th, and asking readers to please vote for your favorite title even if you don’t plan to read the stories.

The candidates for Round 4 of the Title Challenge are:

Titles for Round 4:
Forgotten Thought (placed 2nd in Round 3 title voting)
Cold Heart
Dead Letters
The Time Gate
Out of Place


And here’s the poll. Note that the titles will be presented in random order. Meaning, that each time you visit the post, the titles might be in a different order. I suggest you vote for something that strikes your curiosity, a chord, or that just sounds nice to your ears.

Voting ends at Noon, Monday, June 6th

I’m also instituting a new rule (I have that authority since I’m the BDFL of this here blog): if we fall short of 10 total votes or if there’s still a tie, I’ll just choose a title that I like.

While you’re at it, you can also read and cast your vote for one of the Round 3 Stories HERE. The voting deadline for the Round 3 stories is Noon on June 12th.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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