Remembering the “E” stories are still active and some Nikon P900 photos

Yes, I’ve been remiss in reminding people to vote for your favorite of the “E” stories HERE. That’s also where you can find links to the stories so that — you know — you can read them before you vote, and find a link to an explanation of the Alphabet Challenge.

Mind you, most of us are glued to the news and the fast-pace information cycle of this COVID-19 event. Still, you can’t immerse yourself too much or you’ll go crazy.

Sure, I’d prefer it if you take a break by reading my blog (lots and lots of different content), but really, do anything that takes your mind off the subject, if only for a little while. 

Nikon P900 – 2000mm eqiv. – uncropped – 160 ft away

It’s been a while since I used the Nikon P900 and posted photos from it. Well, a few days ago, I sat outside on my patio with both the P900 and the Nikon D7500 and I took a few photos with the idea of doing yet another comparison of quality and resolution for the two cameras.

For me, sitting outside — even if it was a gray and rainy day — allows my mind to clear.

Some people tout meditation allows them to clear their minds and engage in experiencing the moment, the here and now.  I count myself as lucky because, when I engage in something, my mind naturally clears and I get lost in the moment. Perhaps it’s not the same thing — people who meditate claim it is a transformative experience — but I’m quite happy with who I am, how I think, and how I see the world and by all descriptors they can muster, I’m where they’re hoping to get to.

Anyway, being early-Spring/late-Winter, there’s not much to shoot at . . . but I can always find something, even if it’s rocks and bark and leaves (see my previous post on the “E” stories).

For instance, crape myrtle seeds . . .

Nikon P900 – 2000mm eqiv. – uncropped – 50 ft away

We’ll compare these to the D7500 vesions in another post, but for now, let’s enjoy the photos. Like, for instance, this American song sparrow . . .

Nikon P900 – 2000mm eqiv. – slightly cropped – 50 ft away

Honest, some people discount the P900, but I find it perfectly serviceable and on occasion, amazing.

Nikon P900 – 2000mm eqiv. – cropped – 175 ft away

I got to show what the original looks like . . .

Nikon P900 – 2000mm eqiv. – uncropped – 175 ft away – as shot

So, yes, I brightened the photo a bit, but the quality of the original is — in my opinion — excellent considering the zoom and that it’s hand-held in less-than-ideal lighting. Plus, look at how much information I can pull from it.

Now, true, it’s not always like that, but that’s usually because of other conditions. For instance . . .

Nikon P900 – 2000mm eqiv. – slightly cropped – 160 ft away

This original was a little “softer”, again because of the long zoom and lighting, but also because it was windy and those branches are moving. Not a big deal in low light, but I set the shutter speed at 1/800 sec. so I can keep the ISO below 800 and still get enough brightness.

Plus, I could play with Topaz Sharpen AI and get slightly better results (maybe — it’s subjective, after all).

Same as above but more processing.

. . . I think I like the first one the best.

A bit closer, like at 55 feet, I get better results (cropped for composition) . . .

Nikon P900 – 2000mm eqiv. – slightly cropped – 55 ft away
Nikon P900 – 2000mm eqiv. – slightly cropped – 55 ft away

I mentioned that you need to take a break from COVID-19 stuff once in a while . . . or, you can laugh about it. And yes, I’m mindful of people having or going through tough times, but that’s always been my response even when I go through tough times.

So, if you are not in a mood for humor, stop here.

Some people get pissed off with humor about serious stuff . . . I can offer them neither solace or sympathy for they are beyond my help.

So, yesterday, my sister-in-law texted this . . .

I partook in a number of suggestions and both mine and theirs are included in the list below in the order of appearance (I removed a few I thought were so-so) . . .

Gone with the Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper Business
Once Upon a Time in the Toilet Paper
Fifty Shades of Toilet Paper
The Toilet Paper Horror
Adventures in Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper Wars
The Passion of the Toilet Paper
Big Trouble in Little Toilet Paper
Last of the Toilet Paper
The Return of the Toilet Paper
Last Toilet Paper in Paris
Toilet Paper Quest
Mission Impossible: Toilet Paper Protocol
Guardians of the Toilet Paper
Lethal Toilet Paper
A Fistful of Toilet Paper
To Toilet Paper with Love
Dirty Toilet Paper
Planet of the Toilet Paper
The Toilet Paper Also Rises
Toilet Paper Hill
The Invisible Toilet Paper
O Toilet Paper, Where Art Thou?
2001, A Toilet Paper Odyssey
Toilet Paper Man
The Great Toilet Paper Robbery
Little Big Toilet Paper
Captain America: Toilet Paper War
Batman: The Dark Toilet Paper Rises

As I copied these down, I thought of three more . . .

The Magnificent Toilet Paper
The Return of the Magnificent Toilet Paper
The Quest for Toilet Paper
Is Toilet Paper Burning?

Oddly enough, after a bit, they cease to have an appeal . . . probably because we’re reaching for movies that perhaps we didn’t like as much. Anyway, what can I say? I’m easily distracted. By the way, if you have questions about the original titles versus what’s up there, ask in the comments below.

Here’s the gallery of the above and you can also go to THIS SmugMug gallery to view the photos full size . . . but remember these won’t be all that great at the pixel level. Still, I created that gallery to dump all these photos in when they don’t have a gallery of their own.

And remember . . .

I don’t know if this is legit or doctored up, but either way, still funny.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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