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Nearby American Kestrel

As the title implies, there’s an American Kestrel nearby. I often drive past it because I don’t have the time to stop, but on two occasions, I stopped the car and got out, Camera in hand. The first time, he … Continue reading

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The Robin’s Nest

On May 1st the shrubs and a couple of trees got a much-needed trimming. This Magnolia tree — planted too close to the house — got a pretty good trim . . .  I noticed something after the landscapers left … Continue reading

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Osprey – Part One

On the 14th of April, I stood in the cold wind in the middle of a yard for about twenty minutes shooting photos and videos of an Osprey intent on doing pretty much little beyond perching on a tree limb … Continue reading

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Canada Geese and the Moon

I figure I would post a few photos along with a quick update. What better photos than them prodigious crapping machines known as Canada Geese? On nearly-still water with the dawn breaking behind them, they made for interesting subjects.

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Photography Stuff – Part Four: let’s talk zoom

This is primarily about photography. Also, many photos are full-size and will load slow. Did you read that? It’s a warning that it could load slow. So, don’t tell me about it; I already know. If you’re not interested about … Continue reading

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Answering a comment with a post – photography equipment

A comment by OneOwner on my last post is responsible for this post. I started answering his comment and before I knew it, I was at 1,000 words worth of answer and I wasn’t done . . . so, this … Continue reading

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Photography Stuff – Part Three: if I had a Nikon P1000

This is primarily about photography and a camera (Nikon P1000) and post-processing. There are photos but if you’re not interested, watch this video and then go look elsewhere for something that interests you more.  Clicking on an image below will … Continue reading

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