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Nikon P900 vs. Samsung Note 8 – slow motion shootout

So, here’s the thing . . . I knew the P900 had slow motion. I mean, I’d read it had slow motion capabilities. But, I’m old. I’m old, and I have a lot on my mind. Stuff like where’s the … Continue reading

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Nikon P900 vs. Samsung Note 8 – the flowers edition

I know, I know . . . everyone is tired of these kinds of posts. Sure, there’s my witty writing, and sure, there are amazing photos, but, honestly, can’t we just forego all of this and get on with life? No; … Continue reading

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Yup, still on the Note 8 . . .

. . . but I begin with a photo from my now defunct Samsung Note II. This is not staged and it’s from last April. That’s how long I’ve been sitting on this. I’m sure the Universe wanted to give … Continue reading

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Stuff and things and stuff

My last post was all about videos . . . as much as I want to get into the motion pictures business (lots of money in motion pictures), practicality and lack of any videography know-how will likely have me stick to still-photos, … Continue reading

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Nothing but videos – P900 vs. Note 8

This post will show two versions of videos; one version captured with the Nikon P900, and the other captured with the Samsung Note 8. One quick note about the Note 8 videos: they were shot in the default mode. There … Continue reading

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Random Stuff

Just a quick (ha!) post about random stuff.  Let me begin with a sunset.  I still don’t think the P900 captures sunsets as well as my D7000. I think at issue is the fact that I’m getting JPGs out of … Continue reading

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More shooting the Moon

Too much going on for anything but a quick post. In this case, a quick treatment of the full Moon I shot on July 9th of this year.  The P900 continues to surprise and frustrate me. I can and often … Continue reading

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