Canada Geese and the Moon

I figure I would post a few photos along with a quick update. What better photos than them prodigious crapping machines known as Canada Geese?

On nearly-still water with the dawn breaking behind them, they made for interesting subjects.

Interesting to me, at least. 

Once again, what you see are as large as I’m presenting the photos since there’s little detail to warrant pixel-gazing or a visit to the SmugMug gallery (there isn’t any). 

I thought the combination of the reflection on the calm water and the unusual light joined in forming a unique opportunity to exercise my D7000 and the Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 combo.  

I debated doing these in B&W since the silhouettes led themselves to such treatment. Ultimately, I wanted to include the bronze color of the sky reflecting on the water. 

The shape and associated ripple just to the left and below the goose is likely a turtle coming up to see what’s going on.

I keep speaking of the other goose . . . they were at opposite sides of my field of view and were slowly swimming toward each other.

I thought for sure they knew each other and were gathering to gossip about other geese.

But, no . . . 

. . . the one goose swam right by the other without nary a side glance. 

The one goose then continued along its original path . . . 

. . . it might have looked a little sadder . . . 

So, update . . . we’ve been getting stuff done for the house. The floors in the two rooms with carpets were turned into hardwood floors and the whole house now looks better. 

I’m getting some quotes for painting, cleaning the gutters, and power washing the gutters and patio . . . and everything seems high to me.  

My rule of thumb is $45 dollars. That’s what I figure I’m willing to pay for one hour of labor. Any higher, and I’m considering the fact I’m retired and have time on my hands, 

For instance, the power washing came in at $600. See, that — to me — sounds high. It sounds high because I can’t imagine the guy working more than eight hours (and likely considerably less) and even at eight hours, that fee amounts to roughly $75/hour.

That’s a decent pay for a contract engineer. It’s way too much for someone waving a power washer’s wand around. At that price, it’s not a tough call; I can buy the power-washed and do the work and I’m still ahead of the game. Sure, it would take me longer, but I’d have $400 dollars I could spend on something else and a power washer for doing other chores.  

That’s the thing with being retired . . . I have time. Mind you, I rather pay someone but it better be what I consider an honest wage. 

Anyway, we’re evaluating the quotes we get and trying to figure out just how much we want to be ripped off. 

Anyway, the moon . . . it was chilly last week but I went out and hand-held a photo of the moon with the P900. Standing on my back patio, I held back a chill and snapped a few photos. All of them were this good . . . 

You can click on that for a larger version to open in a new tab. 

Not bad, I’d say. 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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